Synonyms for Colorful:


all (adjective)
bright (adjective)
brilliant, intensely hued (adjective)
showy, prismatic, multicolored, psychedelic, hued, variegated, gaudy, intense, bright, picturesque, chromatic, motley, florid, kaleidoscopic, flashy, vivid, jazzy, rich.
full of life, interesting (adjective)
brave, unusual.


vitriolic, ripe, abusive, crude, dirty, foul-mouthed, X-rated, obscene. fast, exotic, colors, compelling, dramatic, enthralling, thrilling, exhilarating. strong, chintzy, color-coded, clean, brash, cold, bold. interesting (noun)
spellbinding, fascinating, exciting, gripping, original, newsworthy, thought-provoking, alive, intriguing.
vivid (noun)
unusual, eccentric, interesting, eventful.

Other synonyms:

reddish brown.
Other relevant words:
thought-provoking, exotic, bicolour, varicoloured, compelling, many-sided, bright, changeable, newsworthy, iridescent, clean, roan, multicoloured, showy, empurpled, flamboyant, brash, psychedelic, cold, reddened, blue, crimson, multicolour, gingery, sporty, gripping, fast, dirty, crude, reddish, ripe, bluish, vitriolic, X-rated, particolored, monochrome, red-faced, purple, picturesque, coloured, multicolored, polychromic, auburn, trichrome, shot, flushed, colors, unrestrained, braw, monochromous, enthralling, bicolor, exhilarating, fluorescent, alive, black, intriguing, red, ablaze, monochromatic, abusive, spellbinding, monochromic, eventful, chintzy, bicolored, in color, polychrome, piebald, ginger, aflame, tricolor, blackened, blueish, bicoloured, bay, unusual, original, touched, prismatic, thrilling, fascinating, pied, foul-mouthed, tinged, exciting, dramatic, chatoyant, bichrome, dichromatic, color-coded, flashy, resplendent, eccentric, obscene, jazzy, interesting, strong, bold, colourful, brave, particoloured, deep, trichromatic.

Usage examples for colorful

  1. But it might never have been more than a colorful play of her imagination; and after she got into law school and grew increasingly absorbed in her studies, she almost forgot the matter again. – Novice by James H. Schmitz
  2. Like the treasure houses, they had a circle of carved posts surrounding them, upon which the native sculptors could make ornate and colorful carvings. – Virginia Architecture in the Seventeenth Century by Henry Chandlee Forman