Synonyms for Surpassing:


all (adjective)
superior (adjective)


so much the better, preferable, improved, an improvement on something, better, unhoped-for. overrunning (noun)
transgression, Outrunning, overtaking, transcendence, Overshooting, out pacing, Overstepping, Overrunning, outdistancing.
surpassing (noun)
extraordinary, prodigious, superior, exceptional, olympian, transcendent, exceeding.


exceeding (verb)
dominant, excellent.
excelling (verb)
Excelling, Outdoing, outperforming, outclassing, Eclipsing, beating, exceeding, Overshadowing, Predominating, Capping, Outstripping, besting, Transcending.
overrunning (verb)
overwhelming, Transgressing, outpacing.

Other synonyms:

preferable, unhoped-for. Other relevant words:
exceptional, unhoped-for, prodigious, preferable, olympian, transcendent, dominant, extraordinary, better, improved, excellent, superior.

Usage examples for surpassing

  1. At Williamsport, Pennsylvania, we were given a reception surpassing anything that had gone before; even now, more than fifty years after, its pleasant recollections still linger in my mind. – A Narrative of Service with the Third Wisconsin Infantry by Julian Wisner Hinkley
  2. All these hollows are filled with vegetation of surpassing beauty- here a belt of dark green pines, there a grove of oranges thatched over to protect them from the sun. – Naples Past and Present by Arthur H. Norway