Synonyms for Outstrip:


outgrow, mature, grow, double, supersize, expand, wax and wane, inflate, dilate, swell. race, surge, dart, be quick on your feet, hasten, big, outshine, charge, speed, gallop, outrun, fly, go one better, go beyond, better, outpace. outstrip (noun)
outgo, exceed, surpass, outdo, outmatch, outdistance, distance, surmount.


excel (verb)
overshadow, predominate, surpass, eclipse, excel, exceed, outclass, outdo, beat, cap, transcend, outperform, best.
surpass (verb)
outdo, best, exceed, transcend, excel.

Other synonyms:

outrun, better. outshine. pass

Usage examples for outstrip

  1. The 'Black Molly' would outstrip a shark." – Paul Clifford, Volume 6. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. Why exaggerate; why outstrip the plain telling of the facts? – Modern Painting by George Moore