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passing - 232 results
Other synonyms:

straits, crack, abortive, expiration, time, qualifying, close, firing, toss, whirl, passing play, expiry, exceedingly, intervene, mountain pass, spill, divergence, light-touch, counterclockwise, fleet, red ink, withdrawal, death rate, acquittance, deprivation, cross-country, musical passage, impermanent, inconstant, barely, elapse, creep by, completion, homeward, outlet, go by, exhalation, going away, floating, closure, sketchy, wear on, transit, perfunctory, undone, deciduous, crossing, release, super, deviation, exit, walk, red, laissez passer, death toll, partial, handing over, fugacious, flying, press release, short-lived, the passage of time, vent, handout, overtaking, continue, morbidity, sacking, modification, short, loss, spillage, liberation, going, bye, offer, conclusion, transitory, freeing, issue, satisfactory, fling, unfinished, eastbound, sack, little, highly, waiver, only, around, left, casual, sledding, tick away, down, fugitive, finish, bereavement, limiting, flip, pass, leaving, transeunt, passage, pending, button, variable, flash, careless, tone ending, clockwise, slip by, dismission, discharge, ephemeral, mortality, extremely, incomplete, termination, mere, passageway, scant, strait, slight, outstanding, head, sparse, few, way out, pass, ahead, personnel casualty, time flies, minimum, go, difference, superficial, moving, base on balls, liberty chit, passing game, enactment, temporary, dismissal, passport, transient, cursory, breathing out, death throes, downwind, departure, notch, transition.

Examples of usage:

At least for the moment, and after all that is about all that life is, the instant that it is passing. - "The Desert Valley", Jackson Gregory.

Olcott was passing and he stopped beside them. - "For the Allinson Honor", Harold Bindloss.

And passing Grimshaw without a glance he went upstairs. - "O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921", Various.

Similar words:

passing comment, passing game, passing note, passing play, passion, passion fruit, passion week, passim, Spizella Passerina.

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