Synonyms for Eliminating:


annulling (verb)
Abolishing, obliterating, Nullifying, dissolving, Deleting, Repudiating, Destroying, Effacing, negating, withdrawing, Eradicating, Retracting, Revoking, undoing, Neutralizing, Dismissing, disaffirming, Refuting, extinguishing, Abnegating, Vetoing, Annulling, invalidating, Canceling, Divorcing, Disavowing.
discharging (verb)
clearing, Effusing.
excluding (verb)
disqualifying, Proscribing, Amputating, Renouncing, banning, Ignoring, Prohibiting, relegating, forbidding.
excreting (verb)
excreting, exuding, emitting, Secreting, Evacuating, Ejaculating, Discharging.
killing (verb)
slaying, executing, Sacrificing, asphyxiating, suffocating, Smiting, Assassinating, Liquidating, putting to sleep, icing, Massacring, Snuffing, doing away with, hanging, Murdering, Drowning, putting down, Slaughtering, butchering, purging, doing in, smothering, chilling, strangling, Exterminating, Dispatching.
obliterating (verb)
censoring, annihilating, striking, Expurgating, expunging, Omitting, Erasing, editing.
rejecting (verb)
belching, Cropping, junking, shedding, venting, shearing, cutting, exhausting, Ejecting, Disgorging, Discarding, Chopping, erupting, barring, Evacuating, Excising, draining, Culling, Ejaculating, Checking, Trashing, Denying, excreting, Jilting, Disclaiming, vomiting, clipping, Secreting, Oppugning, Discharging, Lopping, Abandoning, jettisoning, deep-sixing, disapproving, Curtailing, Sniping, Disallowing, seeping, Excluding, exuding, Spewing, Rejecting, Blackballing, emitting, blacklisting.
secluding (verb)
alienating, expelling, Insulating, Closeting, Detaching, Boycotting, Excommunicating, Extraditing, screening, Cloistering, confining, Secluding, Segregating, Extirpating, Removing, Banishing, ousting, isolating, Evicting, Expatriating, Separating, Exiling, Ostracizing, cordoning, Deporting, Disbarring, Sequestering.

Usage examples for Eliminating

  1. Tonight, it is democracies that offer hope by feeding the hungry, prolonging life, and eliminating drudgery. – State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan by Ronald Reagan
  2. An early Victorian middle- aged man in side whiskers and a frock coat, an ex- Minister in touch with the Government, begins to explain the necessity of reconstructing the Cabinet by eliminating the men most compromised by the loss of life, and including new men from the Left. – The New Germany by George Young
  3. It is not probable even here that the best results can be secured by eliminating all mathematics save only what is applicable in the shop, but if this view should prevail for a time, there would be so little left of either algebra or geometry that each could readily be joined to the other. – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith