Synonyms for Ensuing:


after (adjective)
subsequently, succeeding.
consequent (adjective)
ensuing (adjective)
consequent, after, subsequent, destined, following, later, Looming, oncoming, due, coming, forthcoming, approaching, impending, future, eventual.
following (adjective)
pursuing, trailing.
future (adjective)
tomorrow's, to-be, future, impending, forthcoming, eventual, soon-to-be, later, destined.
posterior (adjective)
consequent, later, subsequent, following, yesterday's, after.
pursuing (adjective)


hence, accordingly, From, as a consequence/in consequence, thus, therefore, consequently, by virtue of something, knock on. subsequently, Since, in the course of time, beyond, in time. ensuing (noun)


ensuing (verb)
resulting, Eventuating, Destining, developing.
following (verb)
lagging, trailing, succeeding, descending, tailing, pursuing, Chasing.
happening (verb)
passing, coming to pass, taking place.
occurring (verb)
Arising, Befalling, Occurring, happening, transpiring.

Other synonyms:

consequently, therefore, knock on, accordingly, subsequently, hence, thus. Since. beyond. From. Other relevant words:
beyond, subsequently, therefore, consequently, From, after.

Usage examples for ensuing

  1. Agesilaus at once occupied the Issorium with troops which he could trust, and in the ensuing night seized and put to death fifteen of the leaders of the two hundred. – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  2. In the ensuing spring, after travelling through the interior of Sweden, and visiting Copenhagen and Hamburg, he joined his father at the Hague, and accompanied him to Paris. – Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams. by Josiah Quincy