Synonyms for Backward:


bashful (adjective)
late, humble, demure, shy, modest, retiring, timid, reserved, diffident.
dull (adjective)
dull, dense.
end (adjective)
modest (adjective)
rear (adjective)
regressive (adjective)
declining, recessive, regressive, relapsing, backsliding.
restrained (adjective)
reverting (adjective)
slow in growth (adjective)
dull, dense, arrested, undeveloped, imbecile, underprivileged, Feeble-minded, underdeveloped, delayed.
toward the rear (adjective)
about, aback, rearward, inverted, back, behind.
unenlightened (adjective)


all (adverb)
back, rearward, backwards, rearwards.


back (adverb)
rearward, backwards.
backwards (adverb)
back to front, rearwards.


at one time, once, late, already, previously, past, arrested, underdeveloped, before, one day, undeveloped, underprivileged, ago, unenlightened, behindhand, delayed. upturned, back to front, conciliate, be fair, upside down, the right/wrong/other way (around/up), face downward, try, face down, topsy-turvy, inside-out. precede, latent, dormant, stagnation, retrogressive, stagnant, stunted, slowly, latency. cabbage, madman, timid, imbecile, modest, lunatic, madwoman, demure, cripple, restraint, dwarf, self-effacing, retiring, coy, humpback, shy, diffident, hunchback. benighted, knowledge, ignorant, primitive. simple, dull, ability, soft, simple-minded, Weak-minded, Feeble-minded. lagging. deprived, disadvantaged, impoverished, rich, depressed. conservative, reactionary, politics, unprogressive. backward (noun)
rearward, back, backwards, converse, backswept, negative, retroflexed, retracted, retroflex, returning, inverse, regardant, rearwards, sweptback, self-referent, reverse, bashful, reversed, retral, reflexive, cacuminal, transposed, retrograde, blate, receding, feebleminded, reversive.
dull (noun)
dull, dense, backwards.
retiring (noun)
shy, reserved, humble.
reversed (noun)
worse (noun)
pale, inferior, degenerate, extraordinary, worst of all, worst, worse, for the worse.

Other synonyms:

topsy-turvy, demure, Against, shy, lunatic, underdeveloped, retiring, underprivileged, depressed, undeveloped, timid, around, simple-minded, Feeble-minded, about, coy, diffident. dull, cripple, behind, impoverished, dwarf, Weak-minded, reactionary. ignorant, conservative. primitive, modest. simple. soft. backward
upside down.

Usage examples for backward

  1. Without one backward glance he turned out the light, and, passing out, made fast the door and removed his dreadful mask. – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. Tirant answered: '" 'If the judge is commanding me to go, I will, but for that knight over there I wouldn't take a step backward or forward for everything he's worth. – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  3. I stepped backward and a little to one side, and the drop fell on my bare shoulder. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler