Synonyms for Appearance:


double feature, attitude, makeup, exterior, act, pose, draw, contour, character, visage, semblance, color, presence, stamp, guise, condition, dress, posture, command performance, curtain raiser, outline, personality, mind, face, booking, double bill. deceive, pretend, keep up with the Joneses, outset, beginning, conception, commencement, starting point, put up a front, onset. case, exhibit, see, habeas corpus, defense, continuance, examination, closing argument, deposition. start. air (noun)
appearance (noun)
countenance, coming into court, cast, display, air, aspect, form, demeanor, image, mien, figure, bearing, look, vista, spectacle, show, visual aspect, view, shape, appearing.
arrival (noun)
coming, approach, advent, return, accomplishment, landfall, fulfillment, landing, homecoming, destination, ingress, welcome, touchdown, debarkation, reception, arrival, entrance, attainment, achievement.
attribute (noun)
visual aspect.
biblical revelation (noun)
epiphany, discovery, Revealment, inspiration, materialization, gospel, disclosure, evidence, manifestation, apotheosis, oracle, prophecy, emergence, apparition, issuance, revelation, vision, apocalypse.
coming into sight (noun)
presentation, coming, arrival, rise, appearing, exhibition, presence, entrance, advent, emergence, display, manifestation, introduction, materialization, debut, actualization, representation.
form (noun)
mold, structure, physique, features, configuration, build.
manifestation (noun)
expression, staging, unfolding, symptom, demonstration, embodiment, exhibition, exposure, incarnation, showing, presentation, discernibility, proof.
outward aspect, characteristic (noun)
demeanor, countenance, character, stamp, pose, bearing, mien, form, face, semblance, air, look, cast, condition, attitude, expression, shape, guise, dress, front, image, outline, figure.
outward show; pretense (noun)
mirage, aura, idea, vision, impression, seeming, illusion.
publication (noun)

Other synonyms:

emerge, command performance, habeas corpus, closing argument, debut, beginning, onset, double feature, starting point, deposition, Styling, curtain raiser, commencement, outset, booking, continuance, reappear, conception, loom, double bill, externals. draw, resurface, examination, exhibit, outline, pretense, color, character. introduction, presence. act, effect. impression, start. appear, defense. flash. surface. case. event
facial expression

Usage examples for appearance

  1. He was comfortable in means as well as in appearance – The Macdermots of Ballycloran by Anthony Trollope