Synonyms for Withering:


devastating (adjective)
annihilating, destructive, annihilative.
painful (adjective)
grueling, stabbing, disagreeable, hurtful, sore, severe, distressful, burdensome, odious, acute, aching, Torturing., grievous, miserable, insufferable, tormenting, Irksome, inflaming, wrenching, excruciating, piercing, cruel, offensive, woeful, painful, horrendous, smarting, unbearable, uncomfortable, stinging, Gnawing, annoying, Besetting, aggravating, chafing, anguishing, arduous, irritating, bothersome, troublesome, trying, biting, oppressive, agonizing, bitter, crushing, unpleasant, Cramping, harrowing, throbbing, cutting.
shriveling (adjective)
shrinking, fading, Decaying, wilting.


absent, darkly, curious, beatific, brooding, black, bleak, bug-eyed, appealing, dark. event (noun)
withering (noun)
atrophy, annihilating, annihilative, disrespectful, destructive, devastating.


contracting (verb)
shrinking, Abbreviating, compressing, condensing, contracting, Abridging, deflating, Compacting, squeezing.
deteriorating (verb)
sliding, lapsing, regressing, sinking, reverting, retrogressing, worsening, wilting, deteriorating, Collapsing, waning, going downhill, downgrading, mouldering, fading, Dilapidating, getting worse, Slumping, Degenerating, atrophying, falling apart, Putrefying, slipping, ebbing, Decaying, declining, relapsing, tergiversating.
drying (verb)
Desiccating, mopping, Wiping, Catheterizing, swabbing, pumping out, Stanching, Drying, wringing out, dehydrating, draining, Evaporating, sucking dry, Vaporizing, Parching, dehumidifying, emptying, Blotting.

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Other relevant words:
beatific, annihilative, atrophy, black, annihilating, appealing, dark, devastating, absent, brooding, darkly, disrespectful, destructive, bleak, bug-eyed, curious.

Usage examples for withering

  1. Mrs. Day shot a withering glance at him. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. He remembered Haschanascha's sorrow at his resolution to remain alone at the hunting- seat; her warning about the talisman; her illness when he no longer possessed it; her life withering away, and her death. – Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers by Various
  3. As for you, casting a withering glance upon the prisoner, if I ever have the opportunity, I shall punish you as you deserve! – McAllister and His Double by Arthur Train