Synonyms for Budding:


beginning (adjective)
early, first, infant, hatching, fetal, beginning, primal, primordial, formative, Dawned, alpha, original, emerging, initial, starting, aboriginal, nascent, incipient, newborn, embryonic, primeval, preliminary, precursory, germinal, inaugural, preparatory, genesis, Commencing, sprouting, introductory, new, maiden, foremost, infantile, baby.
developing, flowering (adjective)
embryonic, shooting up, fresh, sprouting, promising, beginning, pubescent, young, incipient, opening, Vegetating, blossoming, germinal, growing, pullulating, fledgling, burgeoning, nascent, Germinating.
early (adjective)
primeval, initial.
flowering (adjective)
green (adjective)
in the beginning (adjective)
juvenile (adjective)


in bud, sure, rosy, young, latent, flowering, aspiring, pubescent, putting forth shoots, sure-fire, blossoming, up-and-coming, opening, blooming, growing, burgeoning, healthy, fresh, feasible, immature, about to bloom, pullulating, promising, beginning to grow or blossom or bloom, Vegetating, shooting up, likely, bright. progressive, fledgling, in its infancy, dynamic, in the making. budding (noun)


beginning (verb)
Inducting, developing, springing, Creating, Embarking, Forming, Introducing, birthing, Conceiving, Initiating, Preparing, undertaking, Originating, Germinating, Inaugurating, Stemming, initializing, dawning.
increasing (verb)

Other synonyms:

sure-fire, promising, up-and-coming, feasible, young, burgeoning, likely. fledgling, dynamic, rosy, bright, healthy. sure, progressive. blooming

Usage examples for budding

  1. He has th' enjoyment of a flower's birth Before its budding ere the first red streaks,- And Winter cannot rob him of their cheeks. – The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood by Thomas Hood
  2. He was a heavy, silent young man, shy of intruding into the family life and already engrossed in a budding affair with the Rossiter girl. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. Lorna sometimes had faint, budding hopes that in some fresh country his wrecked career might be righted, and that he might make a new start and rise triumphant over the ruin of other days. – The Jolliest School of All by Angela Brazil