Synonyms for Mending:


restorative (adjective)


applique, chain stitch, needlepoint, alteration, cross-stitch, embroidery, needlework. mending (noun)
fixture, fix, reparation, repair, fixing.
restoration (noun)
recondition, reinstatement, improvement, atavism, reconstitution, healing, restoration, renovation, rehabilitation, rejuvenation.
restoring (noun)
renewing, helping, rebuilding, Freshening, Tinkering, curing, Remedying, ameliorating, repair, Relieving, Correcting, renovating, bettering, restoration, renovation, refreshing, Enhancing, Repairing, remodeling, fixing, reviving, patching up, Rectifying, alteration.


restoring (verb)
reviving, darning, reconditioning, curing, Restoring, improving, rejuvenating, renovating, fixing, reconstituting, Rehabilitating, Overhauling.

Other synonyms:

chain stitch, correction, needlepoint, applique, cross-stitch, embroidery, needlework. alteration. Other relevant words:
fix, Emending, rebuilding, bettering, reparation, correction, Correcting, renewing, Repairing, patching up, Remedying, applique, fixture, repair, Rectifying, ameliorating, embroidery, needlepoint.

Usage examples for mending

  1. It had been very sick, she explained, but the doctor said it was mending now. – Children of the Tenements by Jacob A. Riis