Synonyms for Shrinking:


bashful (adjective)
cowardly (adjective)
weak, cowering, shy, spineless.
diffident (adjective)
unsure, Flinching.
fearful (adjective)
irresolute (adjective)
indecisive, infirm, changeable, erratic, tentative, unwilling, fickle, irresolute, shy, insipid, irresponsible, undecided, dillydallying, ambivalent, inconsistent, weak, uncertain, spineless, capricious, vacillating, fly-by-night, watery, Shilly-shally, double-minded, Flitting, undependable, shifty, yellow, halfhearted, volatile, hesitant, unsure, impulsive, unresolved.
shrinking (adjective)


contraction (noun)
condensing, decreasing, shrinkage, dwindling, Abbreviating, receding, reducing, lessening, deflating, Curtailing, diminishing, Abridging.
decrease (noun)
shrinking (noun)


avoiding (verb)
shirking, shunning, declining, dodging, Escaping, sidestepping, averting, eluding, Abstaining, bypassing, Evading, Recoiling, Avoiding, Circumventing, Skipping, ducking.
contracting (verb)
squeezing, withering, condensing.
decreasing (verb)
eroding, abating, dwindling, subsiding, Abbreviating, Concentrating, shortening, Truncating, deflating, lowering, Depleting, Compacting, draining, Curtailing, decrementing, contracting, dying down, compressing, diminishing, Deducting, receding, decreasing, lessening, Abridging.
diminishing (verb)
reducing, shaving, lightening, nipping, Bobbing, downgrading, clipping, pruning, shearing, minimizing, Weeding, Cropping, tapering, trimming, Culling, paring.
flinching (verb)
Wincing, blinking, cowering, Flinching.
hesitating (verb)
halting, faltering, Delaying, hesitating, Pausing, balking, waiting.
losing (verb)
Dissipating, exhausting, dissolving, Misplacing, Dispossessing, Forfeiting, dropping, Debiting, losing, Divesting.

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Usage examples for shrinking

  1. It cost me a little difficulty, and a little shrinking I remember, to choose this and to hold to it in the face of the other two. – Daisy by Elizabeth Wetherell
  2. Thus they sat a considerable time, speechless, confused, and shrinking uneasily from Mr. Hooper's eye, which they felt to be fixed upon them with an invisible glance. – From-Twice-Told-Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel
  3. Behind the natural shrinking of a young girl, compelled to stand up and be questioned in public, there was the pluck of her race to support her. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall