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nascent - 98 results
Other synonyms:

emerging, emergent, inceptive, aborning, inchoate.

Examples of usage:

Mrs. Wriothesley exerted herself to be agreeable; and if Lady Mary had still doubts about her hostess's sincerity, she was not insensible to the charm of her manner; so that in spite of her mother's misgivings and Blanche's own nascent jealousy of Sylla, the afternoon glided pleasantly by, until it was time to stroll across to Prince's. - "Belles and Ringers", Hawley Smart.

Now, as he saw her with Faversham, as he perceived the nascent comradeship between them, and the reason for it, he felt a first vague suffering. - "The Mating of Lydia", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

Anderson was returned, and during three or four months at Ottawa, Elizabeth was introduced to Canadian politics, and to the swing and beat of those young interests and developing national hopes which, even after London, and for the Londoner, lend romance and significance to the simpler life of Canada's nascent capital. - "Lady Merton, Colonist", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

Similar words:

nascence, nascency.

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