Synonyms for Growth:


successful (adjective)
brilliant, successful, huge, thriving, distinguished, triumphant, big, high-flying, leading.


digestion, commensalism, aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, absorption, Egestion, adaptation, Biorhythm, autolysis, chemical digestion. leap, fullness, completion, majority, explosion, surge, maturity, spurt. bulge, bract, mole, anther, bud, bur, cancer, mass, blade, boll, tumor, button, beanstalk, lump, bulb, aerial root, fungus, parasite. buoyancy, boom, credit crunch, austerity, change, boom and bust, Evolvement, Agronomics, unfolding, progress, consumer confidence, deflation, depression, capitalist. hike, augment, upswing, overgrown, escalation, upsurge, proliferation, buildup, jump, rise, ground cover, greenery, botanical, raise, aggrandizement, vegetative, swell, boost, upturn, overgrowth, vegetation. ganglion, cyst, aneurysm, hump, carbuncle, Nodal, node, nodule. full-blown, grown, fully fledged, immature, full-fledged, infantile, developed, full-grown, fully grown. bulge (noun)
development, progress (noun)
increase, augmentation, Evolvement, multiplication, expansion, thickening, rise, enlargement, maturation, surge, hike, extension, buildup, stretching, aggrandizement, widening, swell, boost, unfolding, proliferation, vegetation.
expansion (noun)
engorgement, development, stretching, fattening, amplification, swelling, thickening, dilation, broadening, widening, lengthening, distension, burgeoning, crescendo, spreading.
growth (noun)
emergence, ontogenesis, increment, ontogeny, growing, outgrowth, development, increase, maturation.
improvement (noun)
increase (noun)
expansion, accrual, multiplication, inflation, elevation, enlargement, magnification, extension, augmentation, increment, increase.
prosperity (noun)
tumor (noun)
mole, cancer, outgrowth, swelling, fungus, parasite, lump.
vegetation (noun)

Other synonyms:

grown, unfolding, nodule, aggrandizement, full-grown, ground cover, swell, escalation, vegetation, fully fledged, greenery, overgrowth, upsurge, spurt, botanical, vegetative, overgrown, fully grown, hike, Evolvement. developed, boost, ganglion, boom, full-blown, Nodal, upturn, surge, rise, leap, upswing, immature, infantile, explosion. full-fledged, buildup, carbuncle, proliferation, maturity, jump. node. hump. lump. malignancy

Usage examples for growth

  1. But whatever be the method by which a true friendship is formed, whether the growth of time or the birth of sudden sympathy, there seems, on looking back, to have been an element of necessity. – Friendship by Hugh Black
  2. Again the wonder of growth absorbed her thought; passed out of it. – Out of the Air by Inez Haynes Irwin
  3. There can be no peace without such protection, no prosperity without peace, and the whole country is deeply interested in the growth and prosperity of all its parts. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various