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Other synonyms:

inactive, arc, gymnastic, bouncing, vigorous, dynamic, involved, vibrant, pizzazzy, existent, ongoing, catalytic, supple, hot, fresh, on the move, actual, sharp, peak, spry, actively, hectic, serious, up and around, practicing, nimble, sprightly, keen, bustling, compatible, erupt, frenzied, animate, prompt, daring, working, going, arc light, hyperactive, progressive, clickable, participating, functional, in progress, lively, corrosive, living, dexterous, expeditious, frenetic, activated, alive, AC, high-spirited, continuous, current, nimble, in full swing, eventful, wide awake, aerobic, athletic, extinct, aggressive, brisk, present, dashing, lazy, vent, fighting, activistic, prevailing, bursty, madhouse, proactive, alternating current, employed, dynamical, buzz, active agent, surface-active, occupied, gay, on, intense, jazzy, airy, imperfect, pert, astir, brownout, concentrated, unfaltering, purposeful, backward-compatible, springy, rushing, immersed in something, physical, live, erupting, Grand Central Station, dormant, charge, on the go, case-sensitive, determined, kinetic, in the process of doing something, frenzy, efficacious, chemical equation, anaerobic, driving, productive, volatile, be harnessed to, functioning, acrobatic, on-duty, operational, overactive, quick, activist, submerged, agile, open, combat-ready, mobile, restless, bustling, at this time, effective, tied-up, diligent, operative, load down, rushed/run off your feet, existing, awareness, action, busy, hopping, rushed, spry, causative, active voice, officious, engaged, sparky, concerned, sluggish, perky, wide-awake, alkaline, impersonal, chipper, chemical, best-of-breed, moving, spanking, about, ready, crater, finite, hard at it, busy season, eruptive, volcano, blackout, ergative, industrious, serviceable, lethargic, compatibility, rapid, immediate, hum, modern-day, lively, asynchronous, alkaloid, agile, complicit, energetic, acting, volcanic, dancing, racy, jaunty, unwearied, alert, forcible, intransitive, imperative, brisk, future, quick, laborious, lava, effectual, busy, resolute, bold, operating, antivirus, knee-deep, quiet, pushing.

Examples of usage:

Mam'selle Chaplot is a very active person, tall, and somewhat stout. - "A Dozen Ways Of Love", Lily Dougall.

My cure had only lasted three weeks, but I was not able to put the hand to any active employment for eighteen months afterwards. - "The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons", Jacques Casanova de Seingalt.

Temple appears to have kept up a very active correspondence with his mistress. - "The-Love-Letters-of-Dorothy-Osborne-to-Sir-William-Temple-1652-54", Osborne, Dorothy.

Similar words:

surface-active, surface-active agent, self-acting, slide action, possible action, pump action, scene of action, political action committee, out of action, party to the action.

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