Synonyms for Increasing:


becoming larger (adjective)
broadening, rising, booming, widening, flourishing, swelling, Maturing, Accumulating, expanding, developing, Enlarging, growing, Multiplying, augmenting.
becoming more intense (adjective)
heightening, escalating, Accentuating, advancing, deepening, building, dominant, Sharpening, emphasizing, intensifying.


booming, flourishing, Maturing, crescent. dominant. addition (noun)
expanding, Summing.
increasing (noun)
maximizing, rising, growing, acceleratory, accretive, accelerative, building, augmenting, crescendo, progressive, accretionary, lengthening, flaring, maximising, profit-maximising, accelerando, raising, augmentative, profit-maximizing, incorporative, flared, expanding, ballooning, multiplicative, exploding.


adding (verb)
acquiring, Annexing, Tallying, Totaling, Adding, Aggregating, Accumulating, Attaining, Summing, Accruing, incrementing, augmenting.
expanding (verb)
spreading, stretching, Distending, developing, thickening, Engorging, Dilating, swelling.
increasing (verb)
Extending, upgrading, maximizing, burgeoning, growing, expanding, fattening, widening, Multiplying, advancing, Boosting, broadening, Elevating, reinforcing, raising, Inflating, Enlarging, Amplifying, lengthening.
intensifying (verb)
emphasizing, heightening, intensifying, underlining, Accentuating, Sharpening, deepening, escalating, stressing, Exaggerating, Magnifying.

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Other relevant words:
maximising, booming, accretionary, ballooning, crescendo, flourishing, incorporative, progressive, flaring, rising, augmentative, crescent, accretive, flared, profit-maximising, accelerando, multiplicative, exploding, profit-maximizing, acceleratory, Maturing, accelerative, building.

Usage examples for increasing

  1. Once or twice during dinner, when her eyes met Androvsky's for a moment, she imagined that he must know why she had been at the priest's house, that anger was steadily increasing in him. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens
  2. They grew it in ever increasing volume. – Deep Furrows by Hopkins Moorhouse
  3. The patient finds that with each day's increasing weakness the difficulty that at first he had to raise himself with only one sound hind- foot becomes enormously increased. – Diseases of the Horse's Foot by Harry Caulton Reeks