Synonyms for Elevation:


spurt, upswing, surge, upsurge, explosion, leap. ennoblement, eye level, the roof of the world, ground level, apotheosis, level, glorification, the stratosphere. architecture, civil engineering, lay out, jump, ground plan, upgrade, promotion, advancement, architectural, feng shui, engineering, blueprint, landscape architecture. advancement, promotion (noun)
glorification, ennoblement, aggrandizement, exaltation, loftiness, apotheosis, magnification.
ascent (noun)
rise, rising, uprising, mounting, scale, ascension, ascent, lift, levitation, escalation.
elevation (noun)
alt, aggrandisement, upraising, exaltation, pinnacle, summit, heightening, uplifting, altitude, top, aggrandizement, peak, lift, raising, acme, height, superlative, natural elevation, el.
event (noun)
raising, lift.
height (noun)
altitude, tallness, loftiness, height.
height; high ground (noun)
ascent, mountain, top, levitation, altitude, hill, eminence, rise.
importance (noun)
significance, priority, weight, predominance, importance, gravity, status, emphasis, stress.
increase (noun)
enlargement, expansion, magnification, increase, increment, multiplication, inflation, extension, growth, accrual, augmentation.
map (noun)
ground plan.
reputation (noun)
esteem, Famousness, acclaim, noteworthiness, legend, distinction, prominence, fable, celebrity, notability, preeminence, Memorability, Fame, renown, Illustriousness, reputation, notoriety, popularity.

Other synonyms:

catapult, the stratosphere, ennoblement, exalt, blueprint, bump up. elevate, architecture. lay out. level. mound

Usage examples for elevation

  1. Apart from difference in elevation of type, the New- World races seem to be less impulsive than the Old- World races. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer
  2. With the expansion of the power of the federal government went the elevation of the office of chief executive. – The United States Since The Civil War by Charles Ramsdell Lingley