Synonyms for Relaxing:


all (adjective)
reposeful, restful.
amusing (adjective)
frivolous, merry, jocular, amusing, stimulating, delightful, hilarious, fun, recreational, charming, Distracting, playful, Light-hearted, diverting, beguiling, jolly, refreshing, rollicking, entertaining, enthralling, pleasing.
leisurely (adjective)
inactive, leisurely, unemployed, at loose ends, convenient, restful, unoccupied, retired, unhurried, deliberate, easy, at leisure.
quiet (adjective)
resting (adjective)
napping, Resting.
soothing (adjective)


pleasurable, attractive, lovely, nice, pleasant, cheerful, enjoyable. relaxing (noun)
reposeful, quiet, restful.


amusing (verb)
lightening, Delighting.
moderating (verb)
easing, tranquilizing, calming, moderating, Restraining, Alleviating, Quieting, cooling, soothing, pacifying, Subduing, abating, softening, composing.
relaxing (verb)
Reposing, lounging, Resting.
reposing (verb)
napping, retiring.

Other synonyms:

pleasant, enjoyable, pleasurable. lovely, attractive, nice. Other relevant words:
enjoyable, pleasant, attractive, quiet, reposeful.

Usage examples for relaxing

  1. Madam Fulton sat down again, breathing relief at the relaxing of her inward tension, and she too looked from the window. – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown
  2. While not relaxing our endeavor to plant the world with progressive men who shall make the most of life, we should see to it that the savage races are pushed to the wall with as kindly and forbearing a hand as possible; that we apply to them humane methods, and give them credit for possessing the sentiments of men who, like us, dearly love their old homes, and are willing to fight for them. – Stories of the Badger State by Reuben Gold Thwaites
  3. The days got longer, and the frost was relaxing its grip on the white prairie, when Festing left his homestead and walked to the trail- fork to meet the mail- carrier. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss