Synonyms for Grand:


all (adjective)
expansive, heroic.
amazing (adjective)
elegant (adjective)
impressive, great (adjective)
ostentatious, imposing, grandiose, noble, ambitious, dignified, rich, regal, splendid, superb, august, excellent, haughty, large, majestic, stately, awe-inspiring, lofty, illustrious, admirable, monumental, magnificent.
large (adjective)
bulky, magnificent, gargantuan, awesome, big, extensive, roomy, impressive, humongous, large, majestic, elephantine, voluminous, sizable, comprehensive, baggy, gigantic, towering, soaring, expansive, ample, generous, tremendous, vast, prodigious, massive, cavernous, lofty, princely, grandiose, spacious, huge, great, mammoth, enormous, capacious, immense, colossal, copious, giant.
most important (adjective)
chief, mighty, transcendent, grave, preeminent.
noble (adjective)
sovereign, knightly, imposing, lordly, kingly, imperial, stately, princely, noble, royal, courtly, aristocratic, ladylike, dignified, great, baronial, patrician, distinguished, regal, magisterial, majestic, heroic, celebrated, queen-like, august.
proud (adjective)
smug, condescending, ostentatious, high-handed, crowing, swellheaded, narcissistic, hoity-toity, confident, huffy, assured, high-and-mighty, Preening, conceited, proud, egoistic, vain, haughty, self-glorying.
upper-class (adjective)


restful, cheerful, relaxing, pleasing, nice, pleasurable, attractive, enjoyable, pleasant. commendable, superb, respected, excellent, first class, admirable, noteworthy, praiseworthy, enviable, good. splendid, basic, Magnific, elementary. grandly, trophy, flamboyant, bombastic, boastful, flash, style, BLING, eloquent, dramatic, high. greenback, the gray dollar, five-spot, c-note, buck, fiver, rise, the grey pound, five, fin, high-ranking. five or more (noun)
sixfold, septuple, million, Duodecimo, hundred, octave, sevenfold, gross, hexad, fourscore, decade, Jillion, octagon, dozen, decennium, billion, thousand, score, trillion, octavo, sextuple, hundredfold, octet, teens.
grand (noun)
G, yard, M, heroic, august, grand piano, thou, lordly, expansive, chiliad, impressive, one thousand, K, noble, 1000, thousand.
musical instruments (noun)
baby grand, bagpipes, bassoon, banjo, air guitar, accordion, bass, bass guitar, balalaika, barrel organ.
sumptuous (noun)
rich, splendid.

Other synonyms:

Magnific, bombastic, high-ranking, grandly, five-spot, greenback, boastful, c-note, fiver. flamboyant, five, trophy. fin, eloquent, BLING. dramatic. buck. high. flash. breathtaking
splendid, superb.

Usage examples for grand

  1. But, by- and- by, she said,- 'Yo'll have heared how Kinraid- who's a captain now, and a grand officer- has gone and got married. – Sylvia's Lovers -- Complete by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
  2. Its grand meaning was a meaning, all at once, for her. – The Other Girls by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  3. I may count upon your grand daughter? – Countess Erika's Apprenticeship by Ossip Schubin