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musical instruments (noun)

balalaika, bass, bagpipes, baby grand, bassoon, bass guitar, air guitar, banjo, accordion, barrel organ.

Other synonyms:

plenary, Brobdingnagian, bossy, considerable, rich, bang-up, primo, portentous, radical, cosmic, titanic, rarefied, grave, five-star, mega, exalted, voluptuous, whole, attractive, railyard, deluxe, integral, ambitious, aureate, talkative, voluptuary, marvelous, substantial, rise, foremost, ideal, fantabulous, topping, dominating, chiliad, admirable, prior, inflated, respected, larger-than-life, autocratic, disdainful, out-of-sight, overwhelming, leading, high-sounding, peachy, bonny, shocking, supersize, prime, gallant, style, curtilage, gold, illustrious, capital, 1000, main, vaulting, low, gilt-edged, kB, yard, prideful, superior, fearful, genteel, jumbo, crackerjack, frightful, fabulous, extraordinary, eloquent, deoxyguanosine monophosphate, biggish, dreadful, terrible, frontline, groovy, gigantesque, fiver, goodly, highest, pace, noble, total, hulking, trophy, highborn, hefty, praiseworthy, cheerful, splendid, G, g-force, super, horrible, gone, elevated, k, overmastering, elementary, lordly, epic, cubic yard, central, prize, railway yard, empyreal, molar concentration, solemn, gravitational constant, highbred, rarified, metre, bumper, good, first-class, high, gentle, upper-class, hot, impressive, perfect, the grey pound, preeminent, primary, atomic number 19, imperious, numero uno, desperate, potassium, dope, gilded, top-of-the-line, high, primal, phat, bling, greatest, gigabyte, honey oil, poor, full, whopping, pharaonic, stellar, greenback, outsize, brag, classic, thousand, boastful, luxurious, blue-chip, walloping, dire, corking, eminent, luxe, number one, dread, flash, jim-dandy, swaggering, m, wonderful, supersized, mean, fin, cyclopean, peachy keen, husky, tidy, first-string, super acid, bombastic, de luxe, fine, predominant, largish, unsurpassed, sumptuous, prizewinning, handsome, enjoyable, pleasant, mountainous, planetary, flamboyant, wellborn, high-ranking, super C, monumental, five, nice, top, stupendous, capital, hype, blue-ribbon, galactic, beautiful, divine, commendable, nifty, cool, supercilious, paramount, slick, bumper, dynamite, the gray dollar, gm, lovely, A1, high-class, Homeric, overriding, bully, first-rate, gramme, principal, meter, green, commanding, terrific, megabyte, dandy, gee, golden, key, guanine, dominant, top-notch, swell, boxcar, compleat, reverend, banner, cardinal, one thousand, famous, boss, rattling, constant of gravitation, gram, oceanic, noteworthy, raised, tip-top, aspiring, chief, wizard, astronomical, Himalayan, august, awful, king-size, fantastic, supreme, opulent, glorious, down, enviable, pleasurable, grandly, arch, alarming, brave, heroic, pleasing, premier, empyrean, noble-minded, vasty, mebibyte, entire, specious, C-note, herculean, cat valium, molarity, quality, first, righteous, direful, sniffy, five spot, gibibyte, expansive, dramatic, meretricious, relaxing, splendid, monster, neat, kibibyte, sterling, venerable, marvellous, superb, appalling, monstrous, grounds, awe-inspiring, intact, high-minded, gilt, heavenly, A-OK, upper-crust, magnific, boffo, transcendent, top-flight, numero uno, peremptory, keen, super-duper, kilobyte, mighty, whacking, rare, blue-blooded, sublime, epicurean, jet, four-star, grand piano, par excellence, supernal, restful, revered, sybaritic, high-flown, buck, sensational, leviathan, special K, excellent, howling, number one, cracking, idealistic, master, heroical, overbearing, gangbusters, choice, oversize, top-shelf, thou, superlative, luxuriant, fab, wondrous, kelvin, silk-stocking, basic.

Examples of usage:

The Grand Daddy Hotel, situated at 38 Long Street, Cape Town, is one of Cape Town's top hotels.

But, by- and- by, she said,- 'Yo'll have heared how Kinraid- who's a captain now, and a grand officer- has gone and got married. - "Sylvia's Lovers -- Complete", Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell.

Its grand meaning was a meaning, all at once, for her. - "The Other Girls", Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.

Similar words:

small-grained, Seriola Grandis, seed grain, scurvy grass, Scutch Grass, silk grass, smut grass, Smilo Grass, Sea Lyme Grass, snake in the grass.

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