Synonyms for Entitle:


go by, name after, number off, label, name, answer to, call after, call. hand over, give someone a try, deal in, give someone enough rope (to hang themselves), allow, qualify, open doors. specific, baptize, words, term, dub, christen. accredit. entitle (noun)
title, gentle, ennoble.


authorize (verb)
confirm, authorize, assent, countersign, commission, warrant, notarize, authenticate, ordain, consent, enable, deputize, sanction, bless, affirm, certify, agree, approve, enfranchise, permit, designate, validate, empower, license, denominate.
hold right to (verb)
enable, authorize, license, accredit, permit, allow, warrant, enfranchise, empower.
name, label (verb)
denominate, term, title, call, christen, designate, dub, baptize.

Other synonyms:

deal in, dub, allow. hand over, christen. qualify, baptize. accredit. call. empower
title, name, denominate.
Other relevant words:
ennoble, name, qualify, gentle, title, words, label, baptize, term, allow, call, christen, specific, accredit, dub.

Usage examples for entitle

  1. Our tickets entitle us to a berth. – Gold Seekers of '49 by Edwin L. Sabin