Synonyms for Qualify:


lubricate, permit, open up, let, encourage, reduce, help along, put through, carry. come up to, live up to, commission, fit in with, lend itself to something, empower, match-up, accredit, enable, satisfy, speak for itself, entitle, authorize, license. bomb, score, dip out, retake, resit, flunk, get through. call, judge, card, linesman, officiate, caller, commentary box, book. induct, instruct, initiate, ground, educate, teach, tutor, lecture, coach. enter, face, represent, duel, ride, race, take up, play, contest, meet. qualify (noun)
dispose, modify, measure up, condition, characterize, specify, stipulate, restrict, characterise.


authorize (verb)
change (verb)
lessen, restrict (verb)
limit, reduce, soften, modify, temper, mitigate, moderate.
make or become ready, prepared (verb)
condition, measure up, empower, score, suit, enable, pass, authorize, entitle, meet, permit, fit, commission, ground.

Other synonyms:

encourage, live up to, let, permit, fit in with, flunk, resit, come up to. entitle, lubricate, teach, empower, match-up, soften, dip out, put through, authorize, open up. satisfy, agree with. accredit, suit. get through. carry, retake. bomb, license. fit, subdue. score. pass. answer
measure up.
get through.

Usage examples for qualify

  1. It states that " since the enactment of the law the sentiment among employers has become nearly unanimous in favor of its stringent enforcement," and that it " has had the further important effect of preventing newly arrived non- English speaking foreigners from forcing their children into factories before they learned the language of the country," these being " now compelled to send their children to school, for a time at least, until they can qualify under the law." – The Children of the Poor by Jacob A. Riis
  2. To qualify for membership you have to identify two hundred basic cheeses, and you have to do it blindfolded. – The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown
  3. Do you send him to me,- I'll qualify him for that important station. – The Politician Out-Witted by Samuel Low