Synonyms for Degree:


aa, associate, associate degree, ba, baccalaureate, bachelor's degree, dimension, division, gauge, interval, link, measurement, plane, ratio, rung, shade, size, space, stint, 21, 22, advanced degree, Associate of Arts. absolute zero, bimetallic strip, boiling point, celsius, centigrade, compass, development, eighties, expanse, fahrenheit, height, length, pitch, potency, primacy, proportion, quantity, rate, reach, scope, seriousness, standard, strength, C, F. accumulation, allocation, allowance, amount, approbation, approval, arithmetic, backlog, balance, batch, block, capacity, credentials, credit, dignity, diploma, distinction, eminence, graduation, honor, hood, qualification, testimonial, testimony, title. big, cos, cosine, cotangent, median, minute, oblique, obtuse, orthogonal, peg, perpendicular. academic degree (noun)
associate degree.
attribute (noun)
grade, level.
calculation (noun)
category (noun)
brand, breed, caste, category, clan, class, classification, denomination, designation, feather, form, genotype, genus, grain, ilk, kind, kingdom, label, line, make, mold, order, people, persuasion, phylum, race, rank, series, set, sort, species, stamp, stock, strain, stripe, style, taxonomy, type, variety, Family.
degree (noun)
academic degree, amplitude, arcdegree, caliber, extent, grade, intensity, level, magnitude, measure, notch, point, potential, quality, range, scale, stage, step.
extent (noun)
gauge (noun)
importance (noun)
rank (noun)
footing, mark, place, position, stage, standing, state, station, status, term.
recognition of achievement; rank or grade of position (noun)
approbation, approval, baccalaureate, class, compass, credentials, credit, dignity, distinction, eminence, honor, level, magnitude, order, pitch, position, potency, qualification, rank, sort, standing, station, status, testimonial, testimony.
rung (noun)
social class (noun)
state (noun)
level, point, stage.
step by step (noun)
gradually, inch by inch, slowly but surely.
unit of measurement (noun)
amount, amplitude, caliber, dimension, division, expanse, extent, gauge, grade, height, intensity, interval, length, line, link, mark, notch, plane, point, proportion, quality, quantity, range, rate, ratio, reach, rung, scale, scope, shade, size, space, stage, standard, step, stint, strength, term.

Other synonyms:

absolute zero, bimetallic strip, boiling point, celsius, centigrade, cos, cosine, cotangent, diploma, fahrenheit, orthogonal, rate, testimonial. division, eighties, measurement, obtuse, peg, proportion, rung. perpendicular, title. median, oblique. C, F. minute. proportion
Other relevant words:
academic degree, accumulation, allocation, allowance, amount, approbation, approval, arcdegree, arithmetic, associate, baccalaureate, backlog, balance, batch, big, block, capacity, celsius, centigrade, compass, cos, cosine, cotangent, credentials, credit, development, dignity, dimension, diploma, distinction, division, eighties, eminence, expanse, fahrenheit, gauge, gradually, graduation, height, honor, hood, interval, length, link, measurement, median, minute, oblique, obtuse, orthogonal, peg, perpendicular, pitch, plane, point, potency, primacy, proportion, qualification, quantity, rate, ratio, reach, rung, scope, seriousness, shade, size, space, standard, stint, strength, testimonial, testimony, title, C, F, inch by inch.

Usage examples for degree

  1. Few consider what a savage man is in his natural state, and even after he is, in some degree civilized. – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World, Volume 1 by James Cook
  2. Yet in a degree he had done all these things. – Chippinge Borough by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. And Avery agreed, not without reserve, that she certainly resembled him to a marked degree – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell