Synonyms for Glaring:


bright (adjective)
glinting, scintillating, fiery, blinding, lurid, shimmering, illuminating, glittering, fluorescent, lucid, bright, radiating, incandescent, neon, flaring, well lit, phosphorescent, garish, glistening, blazing, sparkling, dazzling, gleaming, brilliant, shining, lustrous, radiant, luminescent, flashing, glowing, vivid, luminous, beaming.
bright, dazzling; flashy (adjective)
glowing, blazing, gaudy, shining, meretricious, garish, chintzy, blinding, tawdry, loud.
egregious (adjective)
flagrant (adjective)
flagrant, blatant, shocking, stark, arrant.
obvious, unconcealed (adjective)
conspicuous, blatant, crying, capital, noticeable, egregious, brazen, gross, rank, flagrant, obtrusive.
vulgar (adjective)
earthy, barbaric, revolting, barnyard, unrefined, crass, undignified, coarse, salty, in bad taste, rude, garish, gaudy, crude, scandalous, degraded, ill-bred, indelicate, common, homespun, clumsy, raw, cockney, broad, boorish, shameless, cheap, inelegant, rough, ignominious, tasteless, unpolished, animal, vulgar, repulsive, profane, obscene, brazen, sordid, idiomatic, ignoble, graceless, colloquial, unseemly, base, sleazy, tactless, offensive, rank, philistine, outlandish, coarse-grained, depraved, low, gross, brutish, chintzy, unbecoming, tawdry.


polished, glittery, shiny. intent, penetrating, fixing, sharp, searching, piercing, burning. light. loud, meretricious, flashy, tinsel, tacky, style, brummagem. capital, arrant, good. glaring (noun)
crying, glary, conspicuous, rank, blinding, fulgent, blazing, gross, egregious, bright, obvious, flagrant, dazzling.
obvious (noun)
observable, noticeable, obtrusive, self-evident, significant.


frowning (verb)
scowling, Pouting, grimacing, frowning, glowering, sulking.
seeing (verb)
sighting, peeking, Perceiving, spying, Glimpsing, observing, discerning, watching, Glancing, Peering, regarding, seeing, Inspecting, viewing, Gazing, Witnessing, staring, looking, beholding.

Other synonyms:

glittery, brummagem, piercing, polished, shiny. flashy, arrant, light, meretricious, tinsel. loud. obvious
Other relevant words:
glary, self-evident, crying, brummagem, obtrusive, sharp, light, good, flashy, meretricious, burning, searching, loud, penetrating, egregious, tacky, piercing, tinsel, glittery, blatant, significant, conspicuous, fulgent, capital, shiny, obvious, polished, noticeable, fixing, intent, style, observable, arrant.

Usage examples for glaring

  1. The horse's glaring eye was over my face, and I felt the round end of a shaft rise up under my arm. – A Bicycle of Cathay by Frank R. Stockton
  2. The man was standing in the middle of the road and glaring into the bag. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens
  3. Now, sir, he said, glaring at the young man like a school- master- what the deuce are you talking about? – The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume