Synonyms for Fee:


outlay, worth, rate, bill, offer. charge, toll, exaction, money. emolument. charge (noun)
expense, study at wage, price.
charge for service or privilege (noun)
compensation, bill, wage, reward, remuneration, price, emolument, toll, payment, expense, salary.
fee (noun)
contract, sign up, sign, sign on.
payment (noun)
salary, refund, payment, wages, settlement, expenditure, retribution, wage, incentive, reward, compensation, repayment, reimbursement, installment, bankroll, reckoning, discharge, remuneration, payroll, disbursement.

Other synonyms:

expense, toll, outlay, rate. emolument, worth, exaction, offer. bill. Other relevant words:
expense, sign, charge, offer, exaction, emolument, contract, toll, outlay, rate, bill, sign on, sign up, money, worth, price.

Usage examples for fee

  1. The gratitude of the fair one, was, in itself, no small fee for the labor which was before me. – Papers from Overlook-House by Casper Almore
  2. The next fee I receive- I am coaching the weak- minded son of a count for his examination- we will devote to the purchase of the best turning- lathe that is to be found in all Berlin. – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse