Synonyms for Plant:


array, black box, Accouterments, contraption, apparatus, automaton, big beast, contrivance, clunker, automation. bonsai, cross-pollinate, feed, deadhead, aerate, cross-fertilize, bed out, drill, start, compost. cache, occult, collaborator, bug, collaboration, secrete, stash, counterintelligence, conceal, double agent, espionage, agent, collaborate, industrial espionage, hide. color, influence, work, skew, catch, grip, pack a punch, stir, lead to, decide. annual, alpine, brassica, climber, clone, bedding plant, cereal, bean. armament, brandish, detonation, defuse, arm, armorer, duel, deploy, draw, armed. pile, balance, settle, put down. cover, camouflage, obscure, tuck away, blot out, mask, submerge, lie low. cannery, blast furnace, foundry, gasholder, brickworks, derrick, gasometer, cooling tower. contraband, booty, haul, plunder, ill-gotten gains, swag, loot. bush (noun)
factory and its buildings, equipment (noun)
foundry, apparatus, shop, works, mill.
organism belonging to the vegetable kingdom (noun)
slip, sprout, flower, grass, weed, shrub, cutting, tree, vine, annual, herb, shoot, bush.
plant (noun)
embed, constitute, flora, industrial plant, institute, imbed, works, plant life, implant, establish, found, engraft.
shrub (noun)
tobacco (noun)
vegetable (noun)
bush, bulb, cutting, slip, sprout, corn, shoot, cactus.
vegetation (noun)
flora, fungus, moss, weed, vegetable, herb, grass, tree, algae, grain, fruit, shrub, flower, vegetation, fern, wort, legume, vine.
workshop (noun)
clinic, mill, workbench, sawmill, bench, laboratory, boatyard, shop, workshop, factory.


establish, set (verb)
found, fix, install, root, settle, insert, institute, imbed.
install (verb)
build in, position, initiate, fix, ensconce, insert, place, embed, install, graft, establish, Instate, root, locate, implant, connect, put.
inter (verb)
cremate, bury, entomb, inter, embalm.
put in the ground for growing (verb)
cover, bury, implant, start.

Other synonyms:

bush, bulb, stash, ill-gotten gains, contraband. swag, plunder. secrete, booty. hide, conceal. loot. haul. work. conceal
tuck away.
build in.

Usage examples for plant

  1. We'll soon plant 'em. – Old Hendrik's Tales by Arthur Owen Vaughan
  2. We shall plant new ones and have the pleasure of watching them grow. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer