Synonyms for Interview:


briefing, colloquium, caucus, audioconferencing, assembly, press conference, AGM, conclave, appointment, annual meeting. application, record, apply, appraise, applicant, transcript, account, bidder, appraisal, application form, biodata, affirmative action, bid. apprehend, body search, bounty hunter, Breath Test, bust, arrest, apprehension, breathalyze, book. inquire, ask, probe, put to, put someone on the spot, pick someone's brains, demand. conversation (noun)
confrontation, debate, seminar, dialog, conversation, parley, discussion, confabulation, conference, chat, consultation, meeting, talk, argument.
hearing (noun)
interview (noun)
consultation, audience, question.
questioning and evaluation (noun)
conference, conversation, consultation, talk, audience, parley, record, meeting, account, press conference.


ask questions and evaluate (verb)
communication (verb)

Other synonyms:

inquire. appointment. ask, put to. probe. demand. Other relevant words:
appraise, bid, question, conclave, audience, press conference, demand, appointment, appraisal, apply, ask, inquire, record, account.

Usage examples for interview

  1. I heard nothing as to her thoughts of living, said John Gordon Nor in the interview which I had with her yesterday did I hear a word fall from her as to herself. – An Old Man's Love by Anthony Trollope
  2. The cook thanked him, and, followed by the others, led the way down to interview the skipper. – Light Freights, Complete by W. W. Jacobs