Synonyms for Exist:


get, belong, breathe, occupy, stand, sit, concentrate, there is/are etc., set. coexist, obtain, go on, operate, co-occur, kick around. limp, tick over, consist, repose, inhere, fighting for survival, lie, start, live to fight/see another day, rest. exist (noun)
be, survive, subsist, live.


be living (verb)
last, breathe, subsist, stand, be, endure, continue, obtain, occur, prevail, abide, survive, live, lie.
exist (verb)
endure, prevail, last, subsist, continue, occur, abide, live.
get along in life (verb)
inhere, go on, consist, dwell, reside.
live (verb)
dwell, survive, reside, persist.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

tick over, inhere, coexist, consist, co-occur. belong, obtain, concentrate, breathe. rest, repose, limp, occupy, sit. kick around, lie. stand. get, set. be
live in

Usage examples for exist

  1. Listen, Sophia: 'You praise me for my trust in you- but, Jack, dear love, my trust is so much a part of my love that the one would not exist without the other. – The Light of Scarthey by Egerton Castle