Synonyms for Lock:


background processing, fixture, batch, ABEND, connection, alpha test, grapple, junction, grip, device, artificial intelligence, A-D conversion, access time, padlock, authentication, authoring, barrier, ai. browse, tress, burn-in, author, plait, archive, hair, access, capture, twist, snip, burn, call up, bunch, back up, tuft. connect, attach, fix, imprisoned, confined, in jail. bucket, cam, ancillary, carriage, wall, ball bearing, camshaft, bearing, confine, chamber, free. boxer, bare-knuckle, bout, box, corner, arm-wrestling, intern, bantamweight, boxing, count out, cross, detain. get, lie, stand, set, there is/are etc., exist, concentrate, sit, belong. bight, confluence, backwater, cataract, bottom, channel, bed, branch, cascade, bayou. close off, block off, jam something open/shut, lock out. deadlock, combination lock, dead bolt, keyhole. lower, meet, bore into, outstare, fix with, leer, glower, stare down, eye. forelock, fuzz, frizz, hairline, highlights, alopecia, crowning glory, bristle. body (noun)
whorl, curl, ringlet.
closure (noun)
cork, stopper, obstruction, plug, choke.
device that fastens and bars free passage (noun)
clinch, grip, hasp, junction, latch, bond, grapple, padlock, clasp, clamp, hook, connection, link, fixture, fastening, bolt, catch.
fastener (noun)
guy, twine, cotter, button, link, stitch, bracket, band, grapnel, tie, medium, tack, stay, belt, bond, skewer, anchor, nail, agent, cleat, lace, brad, string, connector, mucilage, hasp, catch, cement, binder, splice, snap, hawser, glue, bolt, ligament, clasp, spike, fuse, latch, hitch, thread, paste, clamp, middleman, cincture, brace, weld, rabbet, fastening, rivet, knitting, buckle, pin, staple, clinch, mediator, go-between, hook, binding, strap, clip, cinch, bonding, Vinculum, knot, chain, seal, fastener, suture, hinge, braid, coupling, zipper, closure, vise.
hair (noun)
lock (noun)
interlock, ringlet, whorl, ignition lock, operate, engage, mesh, curl, lock up, shut up, put away, lock chamber, lock in, lock away, interlace, shut away.
ringlet (noun)
rugby (noun)
prop, place kick, fly half, Australian Rules football, line-out, fifteen, convert, conversion kick, conversion.


close (verb)
fasten, jam, shut, join, stop, close, block, secure, barricade.
fasten, clasp (verb)
engage, mesh, join, seal, secure, button, shut, close.

Other synonyms:

leer, outstare, dead bolt, stare down, fix with, keyhole, glower, bore into, combination lock. deadlock. confine. detain. lower, set. eye. meet. close
prop, place kick, fly half, Australian Rules football, line-out, fifteen, convert, conversion kick, conversion.
Other relevant words:
fixture, shut away, ignition lock, operate, curl, detain, leer, fifteen, frizz, lock up, put away, lock chamber, whorl, connect, junction, line-out, interlace, tress, deadlock, confine, snip, lock out, prop, attach, ringlet, hair, lock away, forelock, plait, tuft, glower, interlock, shut up, intern, barrier, set, engage, combination lock, meet, grip, wall, conversion, twist, close off, lock in, channel, grapple, mesh, keyhole, lower, padlock, connection, eye, stand, outstare, fix.

Usage examples for lock

  1. Write to Lock Box No. 1290. That's where dad's letters come. – Openings in the Old Trail by Bret Harte
  2. She could find no lock or catch. – Penny Nichols Finds a Clue by Joan Clark
  3. I should have kissed her hand if I had known how, but instead I kissed the lock of hair. – The Dew of Their Youth by S. R. Crockett