Synonyms for Cataract:


binocular vision, double vision, 20/20 vision, eagle eye, the blind, eye, astigmatism, blind spot, eyesight. bayou, alluvion, bed, overflow, spate, channel, bight, torrent, inundation, bottom, deluge, niagara, freshet, downpour, branch, confluence, backwater, big, cataclysm. cascade (noun)
flood (noun)
freshet, flood.
stream (noun)
flow, jet, waterfall, water, wave, stream, flood, high tide, tidal wave.
waterfall (noun)
flood, RAPIDS, deluge, torrent.

Other synonyms:

astigmatism, bight, niagara, eyesight, RAPIDS, binocular vision, alluvion, bayou, double vision. blind spot, eagle eye, backwater, confluence, freshet, torrent, inundation, downpour. deluge, spate, bottom, eye. bed. channel. cataclysm, branch. Other relevant words:
branch, alluvion, RAPIDS, niagara, backwater, inundation, torrent, channel, flood, bayou, big, blind spot, eye, cataclysm, astigmatism, bight, downpour, freshet, bottom, spate, overflow, bed, deluge, confluence, eyesight.

Usage examples for cataract

  1. About two hours afterwards, we heard the distant roar of the Cataract and although I had heard so much previously of the grandeur of the scene, yet I was not disappointed with the sight. – A tour through some parts of France, Switzerland, Savoy, Germany and Belgium by Richard Boyle Bernard
  2. It seemed an immense cataract coming down out of the sky. – Rollo in Switzerland by Jacob Abbott