Synonyms for Grapnels:


fasteners (noun)
bindings, cinctures, nails, closures, vises, pins, brads, twines, chains, straps, snaps, threads, Clips, bands, mediators, fastenings, cinches, hitches, Ligaments, belts, catches, Middlemen, strings, cements, couplings, locks, hinges, agents, go-betweens, hawsers, stays, anchors, bonds, fuses, connectors, rivets, cleats, fasteners, bolts, guys, Glues, binders, Sutures, knots, seals, spikes, clasps, media, staples, skewers, latches, braces, laces, clamps, splices, brackets, ties, hasps, braids, clinches, zippers, Vinculums, welds, hooks, tacks, buckles, links, cotters, Buttons, stitches, rabbets.
tools (noun)
coping saws, hammers, levels, spoke shaves, calipers, jigsaws, keyhole saws, tools, Drills, circular saws, jointers, handsaws, hatchets, edgers, hedge trimmers, squares, pickaxes, lathes, planers, tin snips, saws, radial arm saws, sledgehammers, hacksaws, lug wrenches, chisels, spanners, monkey wrenches, bench drills, grindstones, pipe wrenches, bow saws, posthole augers, ripsaws, drill presses, snips, wrecking bars, machetes, buzz saws, crowbars, cold chisels, Knives, awls, miter boxes, welders, wrenches, tire irons, scissors, table saws, punches, scythes, claw hammers, shears, staplers, picks, files, arc welders, wedges, mallets, screwdrivers, gouges, augers, trowels, scroll saws, hoes, spades, jackknives, back saws, Axes, planes, emery wheels, shovels, ball-peen hammers, sickles, chain saws, band saws, pliers, crosscut saws.

Usage examples for grapnels

  1. Steel hawsers, supplemented with great baulks of timber of immense thickness, anchored by chains and grapnels were supplied with torpedoes on both sides, in addition to the mines outside. – In the Yellow Sea by Henry Frith