Synonyms for Rivet:


attach, join, connect, secure. nut, dowel, plug, butterfly nut, head. grip, grab, catch up, mesmerize, excite, hold, transfix, arrest, fascinate, enthrall, spellbind. artifact (noun)
bolt (noun)
fastener, lock, catch, stud, brad, skewer, staple, dowel, spike, latch, pin, nut, coupling.
fastener (noun)
fastener, bond, coupling, suture, band, clinch, binder, cinch, splice, cleat, paste, cotter, Vinculum, strap, weld, catch, spike, nail, hitch, latch, snap, braid, bonding, zipper, middleman, ligament, pin, cincture, seal, guy, closure, agent, hinge, staple, brace, hawser, stitch, clamp, hasp, tie, button, mucilage, tack, belt, buckle, stay, rabbet, grapnel, lock, twine, knitting, bracket, hook, clip, string, bolt, clasp, brad, go-between, lace, thread, fuse, glue, binding, anchor, connector, link, vise, medium, skewer, cement, mediator, chain, knot, fastening.
nail (noun)
fix, fasten.
rivet (noun)
centre, focus, stud, boss, center, concentrate, pore.


absorb (verb)
hold, fascinate.
affix (verb)
join, fasten, paste, tack, glue.
attach (verb)
link, connect, secure, tie, fix.
bury (verb)
clinch (verb)
clasp, bolt, grip, nail, clamp.
concentrate (verb)
focus, center.
enthrall (verb)
grab, mesmerize, hook, spellbind.
fascinate (verb)
attach, excite, enthrall, transfix.

Other synonyms:

dowel, butterfly nut, fasten. spellbind, mesmerize. enthrall, nut, fascinate, transfix. hold, grab. arrest. plug. head. grip
spellbind, catch up.
tie, splice.
Other relevant words:
fascinate, focus, hold, concentrate, dowel, secure, join, transfix, fix, spellbind, grip, head, attach, centre, connect, arrest, mesmerize, boss, catch up, fasten, grab, pore, enthrall, nut, center, stud.

Usage examples for rivet

  1. Every wheel and rivet of her! – Christopher and the Clockmakers by Sara Ware Bassett
  2. His mood was distrait, and in a moment he produced something that glittered; something that made me start and rivet my attention upon him. – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk