Synonyms for Grab:


interest, enthuse, inspire, intrigue, fire someone with enthusiasm, attract, motivate, dazzle. find, obtain, gain, grapple, clench, clasp, get together, derive, bring, come by, grasp, keep, accept, grip. chase, enthrall, rivet, mesmerize, attempt, try, hold, go, transfix, spellbind, catch up, trial run, effort, stand, excite, push, struggle. cannibalize, devour, champ, bite, demolish, chomp, bolt, seizure, choke down, crunch, chow down. tap, touch, contact, brush, pat, handling. hold tight, keep hold of something, cradle, carry, hold on, hang on. grab (noun)
take hold of, snap up, catch, irregular, seize, snaffle, snap.
grasp (noun)


cognition (verb)
contact (verb)
take hold of, catch.
latch on to (verb)
seize, grapple, grip, nab, take, capture, snap up, catch, take hold of, grasp.
pull (verb)
yank, tug, drag, draw, jerk, pull, tow.
steal (verb)
pirate, burglarize, rustle, hijack, nip, defraud, palm, haul, cop, extort, blackmail, shoplift, rob, filch, lift, holdup, plunder, abstract, stickup, mug, pilfer, pocket, swindle, heist, loot, plagiarize, steal, poach, embezzle, fleece, swipe, shanghai.
take (verb)
harvest, get, monopolize, appropriate, collect, capture, impound, nab, catch, annex, deprive, gather, abduct, take, usurp, acquire, reap, commandeer, levy, confiscate, procure, bag, amass.

Other synonyms:

obtain. grip, spellbind, clench, expropriate, mesmerize. grasp, transfix, enthrall, grapple, seizure. rivet, clasp, hold, hang on. cradle. hold on. carry. kidnap
take over
Other relevant words:
mesmerize, attract, irregular, intrigue, snap up, hold on, obtain, hang on, enthrall, rivet, snap, expropriate, catch up, take hold of, transfix, snaffle, seizure, grasp, interest, spellbind, clasp, hold, grip, accept, clench, gain, grapple, seize, touch.

Usage examples for grab

  1. " Grab your hosses, boys. – The Rangeland Avenger by Max Brand
  2. There, you pull him in, and I'll grab him somehow. – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley
  3. We could go and pick this fellow up, and he's one of three men, so we could grab all three of them, and even if we found the . – Murder in the Gunroom by Henry Beam Piper