Synonyms for Think:


assume, incline, adhere to, know best, have a mind of your own. presumably, I would think/imagine/hope etc., hum, rumor/word/legend has it that, I dare say, maybe, perhaps, reportedly, it/that depends, not that I'm aware of, reminisce. ratiocinate, come to, bring/call someone/something to mind, refresh someone's memory, flood back, remind, trigger, jog someone's memory, bring back, awake. relive, stick in your mind/memory, do something from memory, feel, opinion, sense, be stamped on your memory/mind. repute, read into, have visions of (doing) something, visualization, think up, belief. go through, run, enter your mind/head, dawn, occupy, flash, occur to, strike, cross someone's mind. mind, revive, retain, bethink. feature, vision, visualize, picture, image, fancy. belief (noun)
think (noun)
cerebrate, recollect, consider, believe, call back, suppose, recall, mean, guess, reckon, intend, cogitate, call up, remember, opine, retrieve, conceive, imagine.


calculate (verb)
enumerate, rank, infer, determine, presume, add, reckon, plot, score, conclude, consider, quantize, plan, rationalize, tally, systematize, schedule, measure, suppose, program, compute, scheme, total, estimate, appraise, rate, sum, multiply, calculate, deduce, divide, gauge, count, surmise, evaluate, guess, approximate, judge, assess, value, triangulate, figure, quantify, study, weigh, account.
cognition (verb)
conceive, believe, consider.
contemplate (verb)
brood, cerebrate, evaluate, appraise, deduce, deliberate, meditate, revolve, reason, figure out, reflect, infer, examine, study, resolve, muse, ideate, rationalize, cogitate, analyze, stew, ruminate, ponder, mull, weigh, speculate.
imagine (verb)
design, observe, brainstorm, theorize, invent, conceive, create, ideate, opine, perceive, fantasize.
reason (verb)
cogitate, reason, synthesize, induct, conceptualize, analyze.
remember (verb)
recollect, recall, reminisce.
think (verb)
contemplate, speculate, ponder, cerebrate, imagine, meditate, concentrate, envision, deliberate, brood, debate, reflect, muse.

Other synonyms:

recognize, reminisce, ruminate, adhere to, visualize. entertain, revolve. dawn. picture, repute. occupy. revive, retain, vision. go through. feel. flash. strike. run. believe
feel, repute.
call back.
call up.

Usage examples for think

  1. You did think that! – The Port of Adventure by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  2. But what would she think of it? – Macleod of Dare by William Black
  3. You don't think of me! – Running Sands by Reginald Wright Kauffman