Synonyms for Envisage:


mean, propose, start out, plan on, intend, have big ideas/plans, be going to do something, aim. feature, conceive, visualize, fantasize, image, vision, thoughts, fancy, picture. envisage (noun)
ideate, conceive of, imagine.
visualize (noun)


expect (verb)
dread, gather, foreknow, deduce, assume, envision, presuppose, anticipate, await, forebode, presume, surmise, infer, imagine, expect, apprehend, foresee, suspect, contemplate.
imagine (verb)
picture, image, visualize.

Other synonyms:

intend, plan on, fantasize, start out. propose, visualize. aim, conceive. picture. mean. vision. expect
conceive of.
Other relevant words:
feature, conceive, aim, visualize, fantasize, intend, image, conceive of, ideate, fancy, picture, thoughts, mean, vision, propose.

Usage examples for envisage

  1. Ultimately we might plunge his enterprise into disaster, and with Jane escape from him- that too I could envisage as a possibility. – The White Invaders by Raymond King Cummings
  2. Now that was an occupation of which he had had more than his fill, and since he had been washed and restored to the normal sensations of a clean human being he found that whatever might be within the scope of his courage he could not envisage returning to the oar. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini