Synonyms for Sketch:


caricature, copy, portrayal, daub, bas relief, diptych, likeness, canvas, shape, aquatint, collage. story, characterization, description, version, tale. planned, words, rough, Redraw, etch, shade, rough out. draw up, organize, dream up, act, map out, think ahead, performing arts, skit, arrange, finalize, fix, orchestrate. encore, curtain call, bill, intermission, opener, material, finale, interval, grand finale, repertoire. abbreviation (noun)
outline, abstract, condensation, synopsis.
act (noun)
anecdote (noun)
artifact (noun)
biography (noun)
blueprint (noun)
brief (noun)
cartoon (noun)
drawing, caricature.
drawing (noun)
drawing, painting, charcoal, landscape, doodle, cartoon, scene, picture, illustration, masterpiece, blueprint, rendering, Water color, study, diagram, portrait, depiction, pastel, still life, tracing, plan.
outline (noun)
contour, configuration, girth, form, periphery, border, perimeter, framework, circumference, wire frame, silhouette, skeleton, frame, figure, limit, delineation, representation, profile.
plan (noun)
prospectus, blueprint.
sketch (noun)
configuration, chalk out, painting, outline, vignette, figure, digest, rough, illustration, shape, diagram, copy, depiction, compendium, form, description, summary, blueprint, cartoon, resume, survey, doodle, plan, delineation, adumbrate, portrayal, study, picture, representation, draft, skeleton, likeness, version.
synopsis (noun)
compendium, precis, overview, synopsis, resume, condensation, prospectus, abridgment, outline, epitome, summary, digest, excerpt, abstract.
vignette (noun)


block out (verb)
draw (verb)
paint, depict, illustrate, render.
outline (verb)
draft, circumscribe, delineate, draw, trace, represent.
sketch (verb)
paint, depict, map out, delineate, represent, rough out, trace, adumbrate.

Other synonyms:

etch, Redraw, description. skit, shade. caricature. act. block out
map out.
Other relevant words:
chalk out, copy, survey, bill, intermission, orchestrate, repertoire, characterization, daub, likeness, act, description, finale, shade, shape, vignette, planned, adumbrate, bas relief, Redraw, interval, material, encore, caricature, curtain call, tale, finalize, version, rough out, opener, collage, story, skit, words, etch, arrange, portrayal, map out, diptych, canvas, organize, fix, draw up, aquatint, rough.

Usage examples for sketch

  1. " You remember that when I went to the table, for the purpose of making a sketch of the beetle, I found no paper where it was usually kept. – Selections From Poe by J. Montgomery Gambrill
  2. What students should do is to form a habit of making every day in their sketch book a drawing of something they have seen that has interested them, and that they have made some attempt at memorising. – The Practice and Science Of Drawing by Harold Speed
  3. Close under his portrait hung a little sketch – Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances by Juliana Horatia Ewing