Synonyms for Bring up:


charge, allege, prefer charges (against someone), bring before, indict, bring someone up on charges of something, prosecute, accuse, implicate, impeach. continue, get out, open, go on, throw in, begin, add, find your tongue, break your silence. chuck up, airsick, care for, carsick, teach, support, bilious, disgorge, cloy, train, bloated. stun, spring a surprise, astound, introduce, tender, propose, flash mob, amaze, surprise, hint, stagger, shock, astonish. rein, the empty nest, hothouse, potty-train, custody, custodial. bring up (noun)
put forward, conjure, advert, name, call forth, lift, raise, evoke, invoke, parent, arouse, elevate, rear, nurture, boot, reboot, cite, call down, stir, conjure up, refer, mention.


communication (verb)
creation (verb)
call forth, call down, stir, put forward, evoke, raise, invoke, arouse, conjure up, conjure.
initiate, mention in conversation (verb)
put forward, introduce, refer, tender, propose, raise, advert.
raise youngster (verb)
rear, teach, nurture, support, train.

Other synonyms:

the empty nest, airsick, carsick, cloy, teach, go on, begin, disgorge, custody, chuck up, bilious. bloated, custodial, throw in. get out, hothouse, rein. add. open. introduce. support
Other relevant words:
care for, bring before, teach, disgorge, open, chuck up, hint, train, tender, introduce, propose, support.