Synonyms for Presume:


recognize, be a great/firm believer in something. belief, adhere to, incline, posit, premise, believe in, know best, have a mind of your own. try, be at it, go too far, venture, kick over the traces, descend to, try on, relapse, have the hide to do something, hazard, make an exhibition of yourself, misbehave. rest on, be anchored in something, consist in, rooted, build around, Considering, use, impose, be founded on/upon, abuse, on the strength of, exploit. consider (noun)
study at assume.
presume (noun)
assume, take for granted.


believe (verb)
declare, maintain, assume, profess, suppose, believe, judge, surmise, credit, deem, understand, take for granted, conclude, affirm, gather, put faith in, trust, give faith, hold, assent, accept.
dare; take the liberty (verb)
impose, venture.
expect (verb)
envisage, contemplate, foresee, forebode, imagine, await, foreknow, dread, presuppose, expect, anticipate, apprehend, suspect, envision.
hope (verb)
intend, rely, wish, desire, want, dream of, yearn, aspire, hope.
make assumption; believe (verb)
trust, speculate, consider, take for granted, infer, think, guess, premise, conclude, assume, suppose, presuppose, gather, posit, conjecture, surmise, rely, figure.
suppose (verb)
conceive, prophesy, fantasize, hypothesize, philosophize, conjecture, theorize, speculate.

Other synonyms:

believe in, build around, rest on, rooted, Considering, misbehave, descend to, consist in. relapse, recognize, try on. exploit, posit. abuse. use. impose. believe
take a chance
Other relevant words:
posit, hazard, try, relapse, use, exploit, rooted, impose, venture, recognize, abuse, belief, Considering, premise.

Usage examples for presume

  1. Very handsome, then, I presume – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  2. I'll be away about eight days, I presume – The Northern Light by E. Werner
  3. No one should presume then that there is never need for a physician after the second stage is over. – The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy by J. Morris Slemons