Synonyms for Entail:


add up to, grow out of, result, flow from, turn out, culminate in, end in, ensue, come out of, follow. birthright, come down to, carry, bequest, beneficiary, come into, start, cut off, come to, bequeath, be descended from, claimant. necessitate, over, ask, demand, necessary, require, take, call for. entail (noun)
imply, mean, implicate.
occasion (noun)
necessitate, require, cause.


require; result in (verb)
demand, require, necessitate, cause, call for.
stative (verb)
imply, mean, implicate.

Other synonyms:

necessitate, require. demand. ask. take. carry. Other relevant words:
birthright, require, call for, bequest, ask, cause, implicate, necessitate, demand, bequeath, take, carry.

Usage examples for entail

  1. He has the highest possible view of his vocation and what it should entail – A Day with Robert Schumann by May Byron
  2. He thought it might be wiser to keep to the south of the line he would be expected to take, though this would entail the crossing of rougher country. – Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss