Synonyms for Dispute:


debunk, explode, deflate, disabuse, discredit, confound. affirm, moot, words, a war of words. dicker, spat, tiff, quibble, cavil, fight it out, haggle, tangle, squabble. buck, support, traverse. difficulty, word, polemic, rhubarb, run-in, altercation. argument (noun)
brouhaha, altercation, disagreement, debate, bickering, disturbance, tiff, fuss, discussion, controversy, difference of opinion, war of words, row, quarrel, commotion, dissension, misunderstanding, polemic, spat, wrangle, disputation, squall, slanging match, fracas, variance, squabble, uproar, verbal contention, flare up, brawl, fireworks, rumpus, falling out, words, set-to, contention, conflict, friction.
competition (noun)
conflict (noun)
confrontation (noun)
confutation (noun)
confutation, denial, invalidation, contradiction, disavowal, abrogation, Disaffirmation, rejoinder, refutation, abnegation, rebuttal, repudiation.
contention (noun)
antipathy, quarrel, tension, dissension, dissidence, struggle, encounter, controversy, contrariety, contention, argument.
difference of opinion (noun)
disagreement (noun)
nonagreement, complaint, disunity, rejection, divisiveness, misunderstanding, disaccord.
dispute (noun)
argufy, conflict, difference of opinion, gainsay, difference, quarrel, altercate, scrap, contravention, challenge.
opposition (noun)
rebuff, opposition, impediment, disagreement, adversary, resistance, inhibition, interference, hindrance, antagonism, fight, defiance, objection, suppression, repression, repulsion, obstruction, confrontation, counteraction, protest, counterattack, friction, obstinacy.


argue (verb)
challenge, gainsay, altercate, contradict, disprove, canvass, Disaffirm, contend, moot, refute, negate, deny, clash, bicker, hassle, question, rebut, confute, quibble.
confute (verb)
challenge, contradict, disavow, confute, abrogate, deny, invalidate, rebut, rejoin, refute, Disaffirm, conflict, repeal, negate, repudiate, abnegate, disprove.
contend (verb)
brawl, face, antagonize, contrast, dissent, bicker, wrestle, contend, oppose, wrangle, resist, defend, clash, argue, hassle, stand, withstand, confront, vie.
disagree (verb)
demur, disagree, collide, reject, differ, complain, defy, object.
negate (verb)
counterbalance, efface, overturn, renounce, nullify, reverse, cancel, Counterwork, invert, disclaim.
oppose (verb)
impede, repulse, inhibit, meddle, obstruct, intercept, hinder, oppress, interfere, cross, repel, counteract, suppress, counter, check, repress.
question (verb)
contemplate, interrogate, ask, explore, interpolate, catechize, survey, examine, poll, seek, probe, inquire, debate, canvass, investigate, query, quiz, delve, question.

Other synonyms:

debunk, row, discussion, discredit, disabuse, cavil, rumpus, run-in, confound, war of words, disputation, haggle, flare up, dicker, slanging match, rhubarb, fracas, deflate. buck, polemic, tiff. explode. quibble, moot. tangle. traverse. difficulty. word. disagree
squabble, altercation.
Other relevant words:
moot, row, discredit, rumpus, rhubarb, fracas, dicker, run-in, fuss, contravention, argufy, fireworks, scrap, disputation, words, cavil, gainsay, altercate, word, quibble, misunderstanding, traverse, variance, confound, disabuse, difference, bickering, debunk, haggle, uproar, tangle, spat, disturbance, brouhaha, set-to, falling out, explode, buck, commotion, tiff, squall, polemic, war of words, difficulty, squabble, difference of opinion, discussion, altercation.

Usage examples for dispute

  1. He did not take up the idea either to agree or to dispute his mind was busy with one Italian only, the painter of the picture before him. – Aurora the Magnificent by Gertrude Hall
  2. It was a constant matter of dispute in which the pope would sometimes involve himself. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  3. They dare not show themselves, in the field of dispute – Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3 by Henry Hunt