Synonyms for Taunt:


grind down, kick around, trample, oppress, mistreat, do someone wrong, shove around, abuse, hit out, reject. banter, ribbing, raillery, badinage, chaff. hound, hector, needle, heckle, treat well, bullyrag, wave the red flag in front of the bull. act (noun)
twit, taunting.
provocation; teasing (noun)
insult, gibe, jeer, derision, mockery, barb, ridicule.
ridicule (noun)
deprecation, shame, humiliation, fun, contempt, irony, jesting, indignity, disgrace, ridicule, derision, joke, insult, scorn, abasement burlesque, denigration, mockery, caricature, sneering, roast, flippancy, irreverence, travesty.
taunt (noun)
rag, tantalise, taunting, rally, bait, ride, razz, tease, tantalize, COD, twit.


provoke, reproach; tease (verb)
rally, tantalize, scorn, mock, deride, sneer.
ridicule (verb)
deprecate, kid, ride, gibe, scoff, denigrate, burlesque, razz, deride, quip, mimic, jest, jeer, rag, sneer, humiliate, mock.

Other synonyms:

badinage, bullyrag, ribbing. raillery, banter. hector. hound. bait
heckle, bait.
twit, razz.
Other relevant words:
aside, rally, abuse, twit, oppress, mistreat, allusion, needle, tease, ribbing, barb, bromide, badinage, taunting, raillery, bullyrag, afterthought, trample, backchat, hector, comment, laughter, chaff, heckle, tantalise, reject, bait, wave the red flag in front of the bull, tantalize, COD, acknowledgment, banter, hound.

Usage examples for taunt

  1. To the end of time, the German must expect this taunt as worthless as a German treaty." – The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
  2. I shall never forget the expression of the captain's face at this cruel taunt – The Narrative of a Blockade-Runner by John Wilkinson