Synonyms for Want:


shortfall. ache, hone, look for, lust after, pant, have your heart set on (doing) something. arouse, excite, excited, frisky, hot, owned, randy, on the pull. ask for, choose, entreat, implore, insist, like, please, send for, will, call away, order up. belong to, deserve, deserved, deserving, due, rate, undeserved, well-earned. come-on, go on, shoot, be to do something, (do you) understand?, don't hesitate to do something, go for it, I wish, someone would be well advised to do something. claim, cry out for, depend on, rely on, could do with something. wish list, wants, the Holy Grail, all someone wants, man cannot live by bread alone, someone's heart's desire, the goods. absence (noun)
absence, abstraction, emptiness, lack, nonexistence, omission, truancy, vacancy, vacuity, void.
desire (noun)
craving, demand, fancy, hunger, need, thirst, wish.
lack (noun)
lack, need (noun)
absence, dearth, default, deficiency, destitution, famine, impoverishment, indigence, insufficiency, paucity, pauperism, penury, poorness, poverty, privation, shortage.
necessary (noun)
at all costs, basic, compulsory, indispensable, necessary, obligatory, of necessity, vital, without fail.
need (noun)
poverty (noun)
asceticism, bankruptcy, dearth, destitution, distress, embarrassment, famine, hardship, homelessness, impoverishment, indigence, insolvency, insufficiency, mendicancy, paucity, pauperism, pennilessness, penury, poorness, poverty, privation, tenuity, Beggarliness.
request (noun)
appeal, bid, demand, entreaty, inquiry, invitation, petition, plea, probe, query, question, request, requisition, solicitation, summons, urge.
want (noun)
deficiency, deprivation, desire, lack, need, privation, require, wish, wishing.


desire (verb)
ache, aspire, choose, covet, crave, fancy, grasp, hanker, hunger, itch, long, lust, need, pine, require, thirst, welcome, yearn.
hope (verb)
anticipate, aspire, assume, await, believe, contemplate, desire, expect, hope, intend, presume, rely, trust, wish, yearn, dream of.
hunger (verb)
covet, crave, desire, hunger, lust, need, thirst.
lack (verb)
default, miss, require.
lack, need (verb)
request (verb)
inquire, invite, plead, seek, solicit, summon.

Other synonyms:

cry out for, entreat, implore, insist, look for, randy, shortfall, will, call away, order up. arouse, ask for, choose, frisky, send for. ache, excited. excite, like, pant, please. depend on. come-on. shoot. claim, hot. go on. call for
ask for.
dream of.
Other relevant words:
ache, arouse, basic, choose, claim, craving, cry out for, deficiency, deprivation, excite, excited, hone, hot, indispensable, insist, like, look for, lust after, necessary, pant, please, shoot, shortage, shortfall, vital, will, wishing.

Usage examples for want

  1. Who is it you want – Stingaree by E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung
  2. You mean- that they did not- want me? – Miss Billy by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. I don't want to be told. – In Her Own Right by John Reed Scott