Synonyms for Boycott:


secluded (adjective)
solitary, Exiled, misanthropic, secluded, hermitic, alienated, cloistered, blacklisted, segregated, confined, aloof, cordoned, Excommunicated, sequestered, separated, antisocial, anonymous, outcast, lonely, Deported, Eliminated, Extirpated, Disbarred, Blackballed, Ostracized, alone, Extradited, reclusive, Banished, closeted, maverick, Expatriated, Ejected, isolated, detached, xenophobic, Excluded.


bring down, strike, defect, destabilize, agitate, demonstrate, foment, dislodge, hold aloof from, chase, avoid. boycott (noun)
bar, proscribe, disallow, ignore, avoid, exclude, prohibit, ostracize, reject, blacklist, ban.
exclusion (noun)
excision, eradication, abscission, ejection, banishment, forbiddance, prohibition, denial, expatriation, exile, renouncement, ban, amputation, elimination, excommunication, repudiation, extradition, removal, proscription, Disallowance, disbarment, relegation, rejection, deportation, exclusion, ostracism.


ban; refrain from using (verb)
blacklist, shut out, hold aloof from, reject, prohibit, ostracize, proscribe, strike, exclude, avoid, blackball, bar.
exclude (verb)
disallow, repudiate, relegate, prohibit, amputate, proscribe, eradicate, renounce, disqualify, bar, excise, forbid, ignore, deny.
seclude (verb)
cordon, expatriate, cloister, confine, banish, extirpate, isolate, alienate, insulate, blacklist, deport, eliminate, eject, separate, blackball, closet, screen, ostracize, segregate, detach, exclude, evict, reject, oust, excommunicate, sequester, remove, disbar, expel, seclude, extradite.

Other synonyms:

agriterrorism, destabilize, civil disobedience, bioterrorism, chase, agitate, apostasy, foment, bring down. anarchy, defect, dislodge, agitation, demonstrate, barricade. exclude
Other relevant words:
barricade, agriterrorism, hold aloof from, shut out, bioterrorism, defect, anarchy, agitate, demonstrate, avoid, strike, apostasy, chase.

Usage examples for boycott

  1. The Japanese officials laughed at the Student Boycott of Japanese goods when it first started. – Flash-lights from the Seven Seas by William L. Stidger Commentator: Bishop Francis J. McConnell
  2. More eloquently than words, Seyd's shrug testified to the sullen boycott which had been maintained against them for the past three weeks. – The Mystery of The Barranca by Herman Whitaker