Synonyms for Stranded:


marooned, abandoned (adjective)
aground, beached, ashore.


reliant, dependent, bound, subject to something, under someone's control/influence/spell, under guard, in thrall to, answerable. aground (noun)
abandoned, beached, ashore.
stranded (noun)
isolated, aground, unaccompanied, marooned.

Other synonyms:

reliant, dependent. bound, answerable. marooned
Other relevant words:
ashore, abandoned, answerable, beached, bound, reliant.

Usage examples for stranded

  1. Preoccupied, driving with careless, almost inattentive perfection, she thought idly of her twenty- three years, wondering how life could have passed so quickly leaving her already stranded on the shoals of an engagement to marry Howard Quarrier. – The Fighting Chance by Robert W. Chambers
  2. Here the difficulty increased, as the tempestuous sea threatened to dash the boat and its occupants on the rocks where the " Forfarshire" was stranded – The Childhood of Distinguished Women by Selina A. Bower
  3. " Would you mind telling me," she asked, hesitating, " how you came to be stranded out there alone at twenty?" – The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich