Synonyms for Adjust:


attune, habituate, standardize, get to know, patch up, settle into, grow into, accustom, acclimate, settle in, acclimatize, accustom yourself to something, slot in, get into the swing (of something), arbitrate, resolve, accord, straighten. turn into, overhaul, temper, connect, grind, make into, renovate, synchronize, reverse, tune up, focus, readjust, fit, mend, tweak, tighten, revamp, service, tailor, sharpen. fashion, overturn, spin, tip-up, tilt, turn, angle, suit, turn something inside out, roll. help, screw up, shut, see, squeeze, open, pop, blink. adjust (noun)
aline, set, adapt, conform.


become or make prepared, adapted (verb)
acclimatize, accustom, fit, tailor, alter, settle, modify, regulate, fix, redress, adapt, harmonize, rectify, conform, suit, habituate, order, tune, reconcile, accommodate, compose, arrange.
bring into agreement or to a standard (verb)
grade, standardize, systematize, straighten, Methodize, organize, sort, accord.
change (verb)
change, mutate, vary, transfigure, fluctuate, adapt, transpose, convert, set, reform, diversify, correct, transform, transit, modulate, alter, modify, vacillate, deviate.
compensate (verb)
cancel, correct, counterbalance, offset, nullify, square, balance, neutralize, tune, counteract.
compromise (verb)
allow, appease, compensate, mediate, concede, reconcile, accommodate, compromise, settle, bargain.
correct (verb)
fix, rectify, repair, remedy, revise, improve, patch, amend.
mechanically alter, especially to (verb)
improve, grind, focus, tighten, tune up, mend, correct, repair, set, readjust, renovate, square, overhaul, sharpen, service, balance, connect.
order (verb)
group, collate, establish, pigeonhole, design, harmonize, structure, screen, sort, integrate, normalize, systematize, array, form, categorize, compose, program, order, cast, schematize, sift, control, stabilize, score, place, subordinate, support, classify, devise, regulate, rationalize, schedule, plan, orchestrate, separate, stratify, maintain, plot, right, scheme, grade, class, chart, prepare, Methodize, unify, shape, rank, arrange, type, marshal, rate, frame, organize, unsnarl.
recompense (verb)
refund, return, redress, reimburse, atone, remunerate, recompense.

Other synonyms:

readjust, grow into, roll, acclimatize, focus, tip-up, settle in, slot in, screw up, overturn, settle into, squeeze, blink. attune, tailor. spin, turn, angle, tilt. pop. fit, reverse. open. adapt
patch up.
alter, transfigure.
give and take

Usage examples for adjust

  1. There were signs of a tear- shower imminent, and Alice was at her wits' end for devices to adjust that garment of praise to fit. – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett
  2. I divined the fact that he was turning over in his mind the idea of the frame- up, and endeavouring to re- adjust the established facts in accordance with this new point of view. – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer