Synonyms for Bawl out:


rage, raise your voice, tell off, abuse, jump down someone's throat, bite someone's head off, tear into, lash out, let fly. bawl out (noun)
lambast, trounce, chide, lecture, remonstrate, have words, reprimand, rag, berate, lambaste, chew up, reproof, rebuke, scold, jaw, chew out, dress down.
reprimand (noun)


communication (verb)
chide, chew up, have words, lambast, berate, rebuke, trounce, reprimand, lecture, jaw, lambaste, remonstrate, scold, rag, dress down, chew out.
severely reprimand (verb)
reprimand, dress down, scold, berate, chew out, tell off, upbraid, have words.

Other synonyms:

upbraid. berate
upbraid, tell off.
dress down
tear into.
Other relevant words:
tell off, upbraid, tear into.