Synonyms for Imprisoned:


captive (adjective)
locked up, Caged.
confined (adjective)
enclosed (adjective)
enclosed, contained.
imprisoned (adjective)
confined, Incarcerated, captive, jailed.
punished (adjective)
corrected, chastened, chastised, Sentenced, Castigated, executed, penalized.


imprisoned (noun)
confined, unfree, captive, jailed.


enclosed (verb)
enveloped, Encompassed, enclosed, surrounded, covered, trapped, encircled, Embraced, held, contained, corralled.
imprisoned (verb)
tethered, fettered, harnessed, jailed, locked up, Collared, Handcuffed, Manacled, Impounded, straight jacketed, condemned, Bridled, shackled, fenced, Caged.
punished (verb)
anguished, chastised, confined, avenged, afflicted, disciplined, penalized, chastened, tortured, reprised, Crucified, tried, Incarcerated, fined, punished, Judged, executed, Keelhauled, persecuted, agonized, Pilloried, lambasted, distressed, burdened, corrected, Castigated, Sentenced.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
unfree, captive.

Usage examples for imprisoned

  1. He bent and touched with his face the hand he held imprisoned – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers