Synonyms for Reverse:


all (adjective)
diametric (adjective)
diametric, converse, inverse, opposite, polar, adversarial, across, Against.
opposed (adjective)
opposite (adjective)
antipodean, Contra, negative, inverse, antithetical, diametric, converse, mirror, antonymous, reversed, antonymic, study at opposite, anti, opposite, contrary.


capitulate, adapt, move with the times, move on, backpedal, see reason/sense, change your mind. go back, Air brake, alternator, acceleration, bottom gear, brake, ABS, brake pad, brake fluid, shift, automatic transmission, antilock braking system. bar, bring in a verdict, call for, acquittal, charge, citation, award, acquit, convert, modify. angle, Backset, better, roll, adjust, tip-up, spin, turn something inside out, tilt. diametrical, opposing, antipodean, antipodal, the contrary, balance, pole, the reverse, the converse, negation, antonymous, antonymic. bevel, base, bottom, brim, confines, edge, apex, corner. bypass, change down, car pool, box in, carry, carve up, bus, back up, block in, buckle up. opposed, conflicting, to the contrary, otherwise, conversely, vice versa, paradoxical. bad luck; failure (noun)
blow, setback, check.
disappointment (noun)
opposite (noun)
converse, bottom, turn, contrary, reversion, negation, antithesis, reversal, inverse, contrapositive, counter, turnabout, contradictory, Antipode, antipodes, Contra, verso.
opposite side (noun)
reverse (noun)
turnabout, opposite, turn, reversal, contrary, overthrow, vacate, invert, countermand, annul, change by reversal, rescind, rearward, repeal, overturn, override, setback, blow, revoke, backward, inverse, turnaround, lift, reversion, overrule, verso.


cancel, change (verb)
invalidate, nullify, convert, rescind, annul, negate, overrule, revoke, overthrow, countermand, repeal, modify, alter, lift.
change (verb)
invert (verb)
transpose, upset, upend, upturn, change, capsize.
negate (verb)
contradict, repudiate, disavow, overturn, counterbalance, check, invalidate, renounce, Disaffirm, Counterwork, disprove, deny, efface, invert, cancel, nullify, negate, dispute, disclaim.
revert (verb)
relapse, regress, return, retrogress, revert.
turn upside down or backwards (verb)
go back, rearrange, exchange, capsize, backpedal, transpose, revert, overturn, shift, upset, upend, invert, back up.

Other synonyms:

conversely, antipodean, Antipode, antonymous, vice versa, tip-up, antipodal, vary, roll, turn into, modify, Backset, antipodes, contrapositive, alter, make into, antonymic. adjust, paradoxical, contradictory, convert, adapt, otherwise, diametrical, shift, opposed. revise, tilt, spin, angle. counter. opposing. backtrack
flip over

Usage examples for reverse

  1. Gompertz of the Grendelsbane was at Drepplin; he reported just the reverse – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  2. This, however, is exactly the reverse of the fact. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer
  3. But the reverse of wrong is not right. – The Gold of Chickaree by Susan Warner