Synonyms for Unequaled:


all (adjective)
unequalled, unique, unparalleled, alone.
peerless (adjective)
unrivaled, unexampled.
supreme, pre-eminent (adjective)
alone, incomparable, unrivaled, unparalleled, matchless, unique, unmatched, only, peerless, nonpareil.


nonpareil, unmatched, singular, unexampled, unrivaled, matchless, same, peerless, only. unequaled (noun)
incomparable, unique, alone, uncomparable, unparalleled, unequalled.
unmatched (noun)
unrivaled, supreme.

Other synonyms:

unmatched, peerless. nonpareil. only. incomparable
matchless, incomparable.
Other relevant words:
matchless, nonpareil, unrivaled, unmatched, only, supreme, unexampled, same, singular, peerless.

Usage examples for unequaled

  1. He was unequaled at tearing down- he had no skill for building up. – Sketches of Reforms and Reformers, of Great Britain and Ireland by Henry B. Stanton
  2. Soil of unequaled fertility, the best grass between Winnipeg and Calgary, with the practical certainty of a railroad bringing the stock cars to its door, and the building of mills and elevators within a mile from this corral. – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. That Balzac had that capacity- had it in a degree probably unequaled even by the dullest plodders on record- is very well known, is one of the best known things about him. – The Human Comedy Introductions and Appendix by Honore de Balzac Commentator: George Saintsbury