Synonyms for Grow:


cross-pollinate, harm, compost, deadhead, foster, bonsai, aerate, impede, nurse, bed out, drill, cross-fertilize, breed, plant, feed. proliferate, beef up, upsurge, snowball, aggrandize, be, soar, look, come over, escalate, form, feel, run up, appear. care for, supersize, double, wax and wane, outgrow, reproduction, cultivate, propagate. bear, fade, bud, youth, choke, die back, bloom, come out. look up, change for the better/worse, catch up, change, sharpen, pick up, come a long way, recover, ease off. prosper, shape up, bear fruit, take off, function, work out, come off. cell wall, culture medium, cytology, chloroplast, cell membrane, cellular, cell. grow (noun)
raise, farm, turn, rise, acquire, develop, spring up, produce, get, maturate, originate, mature, uprise, arise.


become larger, evolve (verb)
expand, increase, multiply, produce, enlarge, propagate, originate, extend, branch out, raise, rise, cultivate, breed, augment, advance, turn, swell, develop, maturate, mature, heighten, dilate, amplify, widen, abound, stretch, luxuriate, thicken, spread, pullulate, burgeon, thrive, build, sprout, spring up, flourish, fill out, arise.
change (verb)
develop, turn.
expand (verb)
distend, swell, branch out, develop, spread, stretch, thicken, engorge, dilate.
increase (verb)
enlarge, elevate, upgrade, broaden, magnify, raise, add, increment, extend, expand, burgeon, lengthen, heighten, advance, multiply, maximize, increase, fatten, accrue, reinforce, augment, widen, boost, amplify, inflate.

Other synonyms:

escalate, snowball, accumulate, build, luxuriate, recover, supersize, improve, double. propagate, soar, shoot up, telescope, aggrandize, proliferate. feel, outgrow, come over, look. appear, mellow, breed. form. flow. bloom
burgeon, bear fruit.
do well
expand, open out, thicken.
fan out
open out.
shape up.
open up
care for.

Usage examples for grow

  1. He was putting away his violin, but she saw his neck grow red. – Beyond by John Galsworthy
  2. Not grow to be a man? – Middy and Ensign by G. Manville Fenn
  3. Why grow so pale, Arline, why stand so still? – Love-or-Fame-and-Other-Poems by Sherrick, Fannie Isabel