Synonyms for Rigid:


all (adjective)
strict, stiff.
doctrinaire (adjective)
extreme (adjective)
hard (adjective)
callous, firm, hard, stiff, solid.
inelastic (adjective)
immovable, unalterable, inflexible, stiff, inelastic, unyielding, firm.
obstinate (adjective)
contrary, stubborn, adamant, hidebound, resolute, bull-headed, unbendable, inelastic, unyielding, inflexible, bovine, mulish, hardheaded, obdurate, uncompromising, pertinacious, Pig-headed, bigoted, obstinate, brass-bound, tenacious, hard-nosed.
rocklike (adjective)
severe (adjective)
stern, strict, ascetic, bleak, brusque, severe, cutting, acerbic, icy, correct, inflexible, dour, prudish, stark, uncompromising, obdurate, brisk, austere, meticulous, caustic, blunt, stiff-necked, spartan, raw, draconian, cool, gruff, relentless, harsh, puritanical, censorious, precise, fundamental, frosty, rigorous, unbending, keen, intense, hidebound, grim, piquant, intolerant, disciplined, crisp, authoritarian, sharp, curt, chilly, astringent, acute, stringent, obstinate, imperial, tart, demanding, dry, lean, short, strait-laced, acrimonious, abrupt, exacting, critical, spare, oppressive, basic.
stiff, strict, severe (adjective)
definite, unbending, fixed, firm, austere, uncompromising, hard, unyielding, exact, invariable, Incompliant, unalterable, strait-laced, stern, adamantine, adamant, rigorous, solid, inflexible, stringent, set, inelastic, obdurate, unbreakable, harsh, intransigent, unmoving, unchanging.
tight (adjective)
dense, tense, stiff, firm, taut, snug, secure, tight.


constant, final, unchanging, unvarying, irreversible, whatever happens, for good. ironclad, inalterable, conservative, immutable, bloody-minded, narrow, closed, narrow-minded, unchangeable, invariable, opinionated. paralyzed, implacable, resist, intransigent, iron, stuck, adamantine, uncompliant, die-hard, Incompliant, catatonic, stunned, brassbound, remorseless, rooted/glued/frozen to the spot, immobile. rigid (noun)
stiff, semirigid, intolerant, nonmoving, fixed, strict, inflexible, unadaptable, unmoving, set, unbending.
stiff (noun)
strict (noun)
exact, definite.

Other synonyms:

brassbound, catatonic, immobile, closed, rock-hard, final, narrow-minded, inalterable, unvarying, adamantine, constant, ironclad, bloody-minded, irreversible, Incompliant, unchanging, uncompliant. immutable, stuck, intransigent, implacable, unchangeable, packed, impenetrable, die-hard, stunned. conservative, invariable, narrow, remorseless, paralyzed. iron. tough.

Usage examples for rigid

  1. He stood still then, suddenly rigid – The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell
  2. Gradually her face became less rigid and her eyes less wild. – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  3. He struggled for a few moments and became rigid – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson